Dear Enmity

Dear Enmity

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Nobody By eI-LEEN6 Updated Mar 26

Book 2. Sequel to Dear Tempting 

Xavier raised his head from under his hood, eyes shifting around the area. He could smell the prize he sought, the prize they both would kill for. He moved like a shadow, disappearing against the wall just like he was made to do. Programmed to be the most deadly weapon this world has ever seen. 

But she was not from this world. Reid was a monster in her own right, queen of nothing and everything. She was not made like he was. No. She was born into this power, that deadly strength, that killing calm. 

Both so different, and so alike. A pair that could have split the earth in half if they wanted to. 

Perhaps it was a good thing they hated each other so much. Then maybe the rest of the world had a chance.

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