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The rogue king and the alpha (malexmale)

The rogue king and the alpha (malexmale)

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Skylar By InfamousLove Updated Feb 14

Ziathe , the leader of all rogues. Not a wolf to mess with and a cold hearted murderer with his mind set on taking over the werewolf packs.

Aspen , the king of all alphas. Makes sure everyone knows their place and has his mind set on killing all of the outlawed rogues

Both of these wolves have their minds set on one thing , to kill each other. But  when they finally meet they discover something that might make it that bit much harder.

Seems like he's just saying that, I almost want to just 'aww' at him.
SubwayChan SubwayChan Jun 30, 2016
I can just picture the moon goddess laughing in the background going "Ha You Thot"😂
DiamondHartisme DiamondHartisme Feb 14, 2016
Ahh I love that song so much, and A Great Big Work, and the ladies behind Everyone is Gay.
PizzaManLover PizzaManLover Dec 23, 2016
How do you become an alpha if you don't have a mate? And didn't start the mating
sernaj98 sernaj98 Jul 12, 2016
"Make" really my homie, why you gotta be like that?! *cringes*
- - Aug 17, 2016
Awwww he sounds like a cute little puppy trying to be edgy!!!