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Olivia and Ricky's Odyssey to Rock Bottom

Olivia and Ricky's Odyssey to Rock Bottom

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Maria Jo By MariaJoWrites Updated Jun 26

Accused of an assault he doesn't remember, 17-year-old Ricky seeks help from the victim's best friend, Olivia, despite his complicated feelings for her.


In an attempt to break free of her overprotective and controlling parents, Olivia sneaks out to attend a high school dance. There, she's surprised to find herself sharing a moment of real connection with Ricky, the school's bad boy, who is notorious for getting into trouble. So when he finds himself accused of sexually assaulting Olivia's best friend after the dance, it's hardly a surprise to most. What's worse, Ricky can't remember anything from the night and has to rely on a shocked and confused Olivia to clear his name, complicating their growing feelings even more.
When Olivia's family life starts to fall apart shortly after, and with Ricky's inability to open up to her, they begin developing a codependent and self-destructive force that will lead them toward Rock Bottom.

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Readers say:
       "I haven't been able to put it down!"
       "Olivia and Ricky are really melting my heart."
       "Every Friday when you update, I get excited and I am never disappointed."
       "I'm loving how the story is progressing. Perfectly paced."
       "I think it's one of the most realistic stories I have read on here!"
       "Great details and descriptions throughout the story."
       "I love the unexpected twists, turns, and non-cliché characters."
       "I hope a lot of people will take that chance to read your story, it is really worth it."

Content Warning: This story is a depiction of real life. It, therefore, contains mature content in the form of explicit language, violence, sex, drinking, and drug use by minors, as well as some abuse. Just like real life does. By continuing, you understand you'll be reading themes of a more mature nature without warning, and that some might be triggering.