"I'll Have A Slice Of Love"

"I'll Have A Slice Of Love"

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{OHSHC Fanfiction}

"Hello! Welcome to Sweets Paradis! Is there anything that you would like to have?"

"One of everything!"

"Of everything?"

"Yep! Everything you make is delicious!"


Khun Satori is almost like your average teenager.


Khun is a seventeen year old that just so happens to own his very own half pastry-half bakery shop. He works alongside his chefs and doesn't fail to produce award winning sweets at an affordable price. Khun is homeschooled by his chefs when they have the time. He would have gone to a normal school, but something happened to his parents and that opportunity was taken from him.

However, when a student from a prestigious school walks into Khun's shop, his outlook changes on many things.

This mysterious stranger comes everyday with a bright smile on his face and a stuffed rabbit in his arms. He says his order-one of everything-and always finds something to talk about to Khun.

Khun found this stranger quite odd, yet wonderful company when he was on his break. They would talk about sweets. From the ingredients to the amount of time used to create the decorations on the elegant baklavas and caramelized flans.

Another thing Khun found odd was that ever since the stranger came, an expensive and rather beautiful school called Ouran Elite Private Academy, had ordered sweets everyday. Which was peculiar in every way for Khun.

As days pass, how will Khun manage all of the real life problems and be able to please everyone by not disappointing them?

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