Lady in Rags

Lady in Rags

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Verity Baker has spent her life cleaning up after her father's mistakes. But one day, he goes too far and sells her, for one night only, to a local lord to pay his debts.

What kind of man would buy a woman? What kind of woman would agree to be bought?

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Original photograph used on the book cover is by Lia Konrad

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What has he sacrificed? He's the reason they're in the mess!
flxweryy flxweryy Mar 29
This is incredible! I always love reading historical fiction and just when I laid my eyes on your book, I couldn't stop reading! The details, the relationship between characters is very spot on and I'm really excited to read more!  Great chapter!
Why is one of the main characters always a widow in one of your novels, @Spiszy?
Luvina Luvina Apr 10
My only issue with this is the nursemaid seems completely fine with this odd arrangement... No reassuring her or anything 
                              But you write lovely! :)
Just realised he didn't say sex or sleep with. Read between the lines guys. And it still doesn't make it ok