The Shadow of the Moon-Lydia's Tale

The Shadow of the Moon-Lydia's Tale

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T.L. Dorian By TLDorian Completed

From Readers-
''Amazing story, it was truly captivating, enthralling and a wonderful read.''
"Awesome read."
"..a really wonderful and ultimately uplifting story."
"Well rounded and complex characters, I felt I know them as people."
"Just feels epic reading it." 
"This is an exceptionally good Sci-Fi tale......"

During excavations in a deserted temple on the planet moon of Ax an archaeological team unleash a slumbering entity with terrible consequences for its leader. Now awoken, the Nergalrhod, an age old being, forms a strange affinity with the youngest member of the team, shy, studious, Lydia Powell.

The last human star fleet,  badly mauled in its encounter with a mysterious life form known as The Swarm falls back on Ax and resolves to make its final stand against The Swarms relentless advance across the Universe.

When the Nergalrhod tells Lydia of the Aephren, an ancient artefact that can raise the Hammer of the Gods, a weapon powerful enough to crush The Swarm, Lydia joins forces with Faulke, an Empathe and sets out to retrieve the Aephren on a voyage of danger and self awakening.

Want to read a really uplifting story of a young girl's coming of age? This is it ! :0)

***Thanks to BobJan70 for another great cover and the rest of the designs.***

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