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The Kid, the Boss, and the Incorrigible Nanny by _lifeonstage
The Kid, the Boss, and the Incorri...by Jo Searcy
Kid Shelly loves working with children. Perhaps it's because of her odd name, but she's always wanted to teach children and show them the love of Jesus. It's just that s...
Sasquatch to the Moon by rabideraser
Sasquatch to the Moonby rabid (not medically)
Rocket's plan is simple, get traded to the Wolves, catch a crush, get over it, then maybe date someone for real. He's expecting the crush to be Fenrir, all-star player...
Open My Eyes by Kunfabulate
Open My Eyesby Madison Yuresko
"I'm blind, Angela, not a porcelain doll." "You could be Superman, and I'd still worry I broke you." He isn't like the others. He's blind. «» rew...
I Loved You Blindly [Complete] by Water_Lili
I Loved You Blindly [Complete]by Sally H
Ranked: 2019 #1 in uplifting Sep & Dec #1 in heart-warming Oct 2020 #1 in uplifting #1 in heart-warming Jan #2 in lifechanging Jan #2 in finding Jan Accidents happen. ...
Super Pops: A Totally Tv Teen Original Show by Lumna10
Super Pops: A Totally Tv Teen Orig...by Lumna
Information about characters I really like which romance is my favorite, which spin-off Episodes are my favorite and which songs are my favorite with lyrics written down...
Through A Looking Glass by Lmntrryx
Through A Looking Glassby May
Have you ever wondered if everyone got hurt too, if anyone could even imagine the amount of pain you were going through? Have you ever wished someone could just underst...
The Killer Within  by Bleeding_pen
The Killer Within by bleedingpen
Bleh Bleh Bleh 🤭
breathe ; by aquariusdreamer
breathe ;by • 𝐚𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐮𝐬 •
.*+ self appreciation poems +.* a collection of poetry which helps to cope with any form of mental health issu...
Creepypasta X Reader Lemon by Pearline126816
Creepypasta X Reader Lemonby Underfanitic
Here is where all your dreams come true I take requests and do one shots so surprise me
self care by carrueche
self careby B R I Y A
shit such as tips, quotes, and practices to help you stay on your game b.
The Soul of A Dragon  by Misuka-B-Shinko
The Soul of A Dragon by Katori-Pacifist
I think you've all heard of the story before of Hiccup and how he became the worlds first Viking to ever ride and train a dragon, however: What if someone else had as w...
things you should know  by WishWrites
things you should know by Wish
Compilation of quotes and written pieces. Set to uplift, make you see things differently and ponder about life. Status {ONGOING} Started {230720} #8 under uplifting {010...
Dark Princess: Dark Dragon by Lumna10
Dark Princess: Dark Dragonby Lumna
You heard stories of Bloom departing from Sky but what if it was the other way around? You have heard stories of Sky always be reassuring and gentle in the end? But afte...
Until The End by AllieDawnx
Until The Endby ★ allie dawn ★
[COMPLETE] The beach town of Wolf Coast, Nova Scotia is Will Danforth's home. He grew up there, carrying around the weight of being abandoned by his father. Then his fat...
Monster Musume Dream Dates by monstermusumefan4
Monster Musume Dream Datesby Sophia Nusa
(readers own point of view)
My treasure (smaugbo fanfic) by Clato3
My treasure (smaugbo fanfic)by Kristina.C
When he was only a year old, angry dwarves killed Biblo's parents. He remained alone until Smaug, a humanoid dragon finds him and decides to take care of him. over the...
EMOCEANS by miyasmind
It's easy to get lost in an ocean of emotions. This book contains a collection of ocean themed poems.
don't read these. | a book of short poems by isthatphill
don't read these. | a book of shor...by isthatphill
don't read these short poems if you're scared to feel something real or heal do we have a deal? your votes and comments (feedback) would be greatly appreciated! also, p...
Melanated Alphabet by AmethystAmber87
Melanated Alphabetby AmethystAmber87
Twenty-six alphabets dipped in chocolate, carved from gold to enlighten the mind and enrich the soul on the describability of Black Women.
Writer's Boot Camp by THEM1stress_of_Night
Writer's Boot Campby 🎶The Mistress🎶
"Let's get down to business. To defeat.... Clichès and under-developed stories." {ORIGINALLY POSTED ON WATTPAD BY ME @BLUEDOLPHIN2212. IF YOU SEE THIS BOOK ON...