Spandex Is Mandatory

Spandex Is Mandatory

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"Great power comes with great..." I raised my eyebrows at Guardian, looking his skin-tight suit up and down. "Urges to wear spandex, apparently."
"Are you using altered famous superhero comic book references to insult me?" he asked incredulously.
I snorted. "You bet your fucking ass, I am."
Tessa Kingston has lived in Crown City her entire life. There's nothing really unusual about the city, either. There's high school, horny teenage boys, drunken parties... and Supers.
Men in skin-tight suits aren't really who Tessa has looked to for help during her life... not that her opinion is popular. With big names like 'Guardian' and 'Blindspot' running - or flying - around her city and saving innocents, it's usually more likely to thank a Super for saving your life instead of tell them off and want to handle things yourself - not that Tessa follows the rules, of course.
When some serious trouble starts stirring up in Crown City, Tessa seems to be caught in a world she had spent her entire life hating - not that they've given her much of a choice in the matter. But when serious events start happening too often to be coincidences, Tessa starts questioning what happened to start the chaos in the first place... and why the hell she's there to witness it all - not to mention why one Super in particular is giving her extra attention.
Tessa Kingston always thought that she had everything - and everyone - figured out, so what happens when nothing is as it had seemed?

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