Take All The Luck

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WonderCookie By WonderCookie Updated 3 years ago
Welcome to Velonia. A place that existed after a very destructive war that brought forth the extinction of the most powerful countries before. It is said that Velonia used to be one of these very powerful countries, but nobody bothered to record the name it had previously. 
          Here exists Lyracus Cellavausart. A noble girl who accidentally became a bountyhunter after killing a rich man named Crozun Salendazzi who raped her mother. Follow the adventures of a supposedly noble girl as she lives the life of a killer for a living. 
         She never deserved it.
         She's just a teenager.
         She never wanted to kill.
         She was not meant for this.
         Once again, welcome to Velonia. The world of ruins. The place of damnation. Once you see luck, TAKE ALL OF IT.
This story is thrilling! Can I put this in my Reading List? Mouhahaha. XD Thank you~