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While forbidden fruit is said to be sweeter...it usually is.

Elliot Monroe always found herself tangled when it comes to love and relationships. 

Hunter Graham is no exception. 

He is her secret.

And it's beautiful

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Yess I love the Winchester boys, oml Dean and Same 🤤  #Supernatural
I wasn't that bad.. I didn't have a bf... I was determined to wait... knowing what boys were after.. still a virgin here at 24... but I am sure it would be nice just to read a bit on the relationship jungle of life :wink:
kellylovenice kellylovenice a day ago
I haven't even started the story but you seem like a hilarious person 😂👍
Brockluver Brockluver Dec 01
Omg I think it is a great idea to explain instead of saying “my writing is crap sorry” even though it isn’t  so props to you 👏👏
cndelo cndelo Nov 20
Normally I hate character casts on here cause 9/10 times it's just pictures of very famous celebrities. For the record, I thought your cast was spot on! Sad to see it go. Still one of my favorite series on here!
kimwaseelah kimwaseelah 5 days ago
Now I like an author with sass. Gets me excited and I haven't even started reading yet