King of the Woodlands

King of the Woodlands

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"They say the Woodland King's voice makes the rivers flow fast, that his claws could shred men into mere ribbons of flesh and bone."

The Woodland King terrorizes the kingdom of Llewellenar, rising from his cave once every hundred years to pick an unfortunate human to serve as a slave in his dark home.

When twelve-year-old Lilibeth Faren's father is chosen as the Woodland King's next eternal slave, she is determined to rescue him, her boundless loyalty guiding her through the treacherous, mythical lands of Llewellenar and to his lair. But as she befriends the Woodland King, she realizes that an ancient storm is brewing within his walls, and that she must save him - or risk dooming him - forever.

This story is a Beauty and the Beast retelling, blending details of the classic fairytale with quirky faerie lore.

Highest: #19 in Fantasy, #1 in Folklore, #1 in Faerie, #1 in Retelling

Cover made by @-starless

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