A Deadly Trip

A Deadly Trip

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Jae-Jae By Jae-Jae Updated Oct 21

NOTE: I recommend reading The Subway before reading this book to avoid any confusion.

After the subway incident all Gemma wanted to do was put the past where it belongs. Behind her. 

It's been five months since Gemma literally had to fight for her life alongside her now boyfriend Archer Daniels on a NewYork subway train where she and Archer, along with all the other passengers aboard the train, were held hostage by five men wearing masks and wielding weapons.

Now all Gemma wants to do is get on with her life and forget about everything that happened, and what better way to do that than to take a trip and get away? Not just any trip either. Her senior trip.

Gemma and Archer, along with their whole senior class are prepared for their senior trip to Hawaii.

A week in Hawaii alongside your boyfriend, bestfriend, and the rest of your graduating class, what could go wrong?

The answer is everything. 


 There is one uninvited guess on this trip who has unfinished business to settle with both Gemma and Archer.

I feel like every chapter in this book and the last starts like this
Sensimya Sensimya Aug 25
Probably not long considering she is being a bitch because she is jealous
Wow I read The Subway about a year ago and I didn't even realise this is out, omg I love it soooo much!
Saalihah676 Saalihah676 Jul 19
I read subway and oml it was amazing.Im sure this book is going to be amazing too or even better.so excited
Till Avery feels the need to spread her legs and give that person STDs
lexi__yost lexi__yost Aug 11
OMG I am super excited to read this after the subway it took me a day to read it and just saying the subway is my favorite book like I didn't think any other books on Wattpad it could be better than the this one