The Rival ☑️

The Rival ☑️

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WARNING: The book contains mature scenes. Read at your own risk.
A story of BROMANCE / BOYXBOY / GAY / MAN TO MAN / LGBT "The Rival" earned the highest rank #656 in Teen Fiction. Check this book out!
Alex Yoon, a 25-year-old popular  drummer and lead vocalist of the college's rock band known for his timid, aloof, and expressionless face, has been reeling from a heartbreaking and tragic loss of his younger sister from a car accident. His life seems nothing to matter to him anymore ... until the winter night Chen Lau unexpectedly steals a kiss. 
Chen Lau, is a 25-year-old lead vocalist of the school's famous ballad and Alex's rival. He's the person the rock star accused of manipulating their gigs affecting the band. As a result, their constant rage and violent riots became the main concern of the university. 
However, the student council managed to unify the two bands through a charity event to support a dying patient. Slowly, the timid Alex and the enigmatic Chen are unable to resist their charms and became extremely close -- silently questioning their sexuality. 
When they embark a thrilling and sensual non-committal relationship, Alex discovers more of Chen's secrets while he explores more of his dark desires.

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Book Started (Revised): October 25, 2018
Book Ended: December 21, 2018

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