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HEMILY SHIPPERS By LolbutHemily Updated Apr 24, 2017

[In case you get confused, this story IS about Helena and Emily, and does include other characters from Hide & Seek, but doesn't follow the storyline. The events that occurred in the series never happened in this book.]

Helena. Emily. Jasper. They've always been a trio. Childhood best friends, they grew up as the outcasts and stayed close. 

When they enter high school, they get a shock. Despite their pact of never leaving each other, constantly meeting and chatting with other students proves to make that pact a challenge. 

After crushing on Jasper for almost a decade, she finds that due to his rising popularity, he's got himself a girlfriend. The only person other than Violet and Tate - her  new best friends - to support her is Helena. And unfortunately, Helena thinks of Emily in more than just a friendly way. 

Once this is let out to Emily, she reveals it to Jasper, who intentionally informs almost everyone at their school of it, due to the discreet hatred he feels towards Helena [as he has secret feelings for Emily]. 

This bizarre love triangle wrecks their friendship beyond control. 

What will happen to the Three Musketeers? Will Emily get over her crave for Jasper and help Helena out? Will Jasper finally tell Emily of his feelings for her, knowing it could ruin his reputation? Will Helena attempt to move on from Emily? Will they save their friendship?

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