His Untold Story

His Untold Story

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Akira Sharma By AakiraAki Updated Jun 27, 2018

The only thing he felt for human is hatred .  They are food nothing else,just warm blood bank. He loves too kill them as the blood flow out of their throat. But what will happened he found himself a human mate. A slave, filthy even for human being. 

How will she react when her abusive life gets a lift to another level of pain. Being an orphan usually end up as a slave. Her burish face fearful eyes only give pleasure to the abuser.

"What are you waiting for? " he growled at her as she back away in the black pitch room. She stumbled upon the bed. 

"open your leg " his order fell in deaf ear as she clutch her legs together. 

" The only thing I wanted from you is the blood of your purity" he forced her leg apart and stand between. 

"No" she whisper..

"what?" he coldy glare at her as he reached out to touch her.

" I am not a virgin " she chocked on her words . In a blink of an eyes he gripped her throat.

" You good for nothing filthy mortal"  he spated and throw her across the room. She groan tears roll down as blood from her back  pool around herself. 

He walk towards her and pulled by her neck she was hanging in the air. 

"How could a disgusting shit like you be my mate? You are a slave and you will be treated as" He bit down on her neck as moan in pain...

"Stop please....." a faint sound carried out..

He is the king..

She is a slave..

He is the predator..

She is the prey..

Will he love her as a mate? Will she forgive him for his deeds?....

  • angst
  • blood
  • death
  • experiment
  • hatred
  • king
  • love
  • mate
  • pain
  • powers
  • slave
  • vampire
  • witch
Petrifiedheart Petrifiedheart Mar 27, 2017
I want to see real action between Canary and Troyn, when will that happened
Little_Mermaid26 Little_Mermaid26 May 16, 2017
The page is blank. There's no chapter. Then it goes to chapter two. 😱
Petrifiedheart Petrifiedheart Mar 27, 2017
Plz try to update faster... I want to know what actually happened and I like Griffith and Arsicca story..