A Gift in the Dark

A Gift in the Dark

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Gavin Wilson By TheOrangutan Completed

An award winning collection of paranormal, horror and fantasy short stories woven around old legends, odd characters, the occasional werewolf and the darkness within.  

There are things you cannot see unless they want to be seen, and some legends linger on despite the modern world. 

A Gift in the Dark is a compilation of  short works, many based around old myths and legends, and starts with a tale of a miner's descent into madness, history and legend, drifts through darkness, past a retelling of Red Riding Hood, up a crane, and along to the end of the world.

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rrwarrier rrwarrier Mar 21, 2018
Wow, I really loved listening to the audio alongside the story. The tap,tap sounds of the Knockers were really quite scary! I really like how you brought the ending back to the beginning in a complete circle with the mention of the "gift". Cheers for Cornish legends ~
harryssecondnipples harryssecondnipples Jun 10, 2018
This was great. I'm going to waste my entire evening reading it but it will be worth it
PennyZee PennyZee Jul 04, 2016
Amazing description. Those are sounds that will often go unnoticed; the everyday background sounds that fill the void, complete the picture.
FifeScribbler FifeScribbler Apr 21, 2016
This is a very engaging story of folklore and mining history. Have you experience of mining?
NateDBurleigh NateDBurleigh Sep 20, 2016
A very good start. Gripping pros with an innate knack for telling a story. The first story of an anthology should always push the reader on to the next. You've succeeded in that. Nice work here.
sterrenstelsel sterrenstelsel May 26, 2016
This legend is actually really cool. Maybe a little bit dark, but I love how you wrote it down :)