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Transformers One-Shots by HisArkhamQueen
Transformers One-Shotsby HisArkhamQueen
This book consists of one-shots regarding some of the most attractive sentient beings we know, from the following universes: TF Prime, TF RiD2015, and Bayverse.
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The Best Fantasy - Book Reviews by Ambassadors
The Best Fantasy - Book Reviewsby Wattpad Ambassadors
This is a collection of reviews of our favourite Wattpad Fantasy stories. Some of the stories may be well known, but we have also tried to find many more that are relati...
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Transformers RID oneshot's [ REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! ] by Poppi_prime301
Transformers RID oneshot's [ Anya
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Girl in Disguise  (Transformers autobot in Disguise x reader) by Briana_Cita
Girl in Disguise (Transformers Cita_
(transformers auto bots in Disguise X half decepticon half autobot half human half transformer reader) (y/n) (l/n) is the daughter of Megatron her mother a autobot. (Y/n...
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Jetstorm x Slipstream  by GlitterMaid1
Jetstorm x Slipstream by Glitter Maid
A Jetstorm x Slipstream fanfic.And I feel like the only one on here that ships these 2.ENJOY!!!!
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Gaia's Brood by NickTravers
Gaia's Broodby ᴡᴡᴡ
Airships, dastardly deeds and mayhem abound in this complete Dystopian Steampunk adventure for Young Adults. The day after Nina Swift's 21st birthday, she sets out to re...
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Second Chances by sparkstrappedindark
Second Chancesby Ghostie's Pad
The last thing Adira can remember is lunging in front of the bullet going for the teacher's heart, and watching police officers tackle the shooter that had taken hostag...
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Quest of the Minicons - Tfrid MLP crossover by Allsparkwarrior
Quest of the Minicons - Tfrid Starflake minicon
What happens when Drift's minicons get bridged to another planet ? Will they fit in with the Equine locals or will they face enemity? What happens when they face a threa...
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Overwatch: The Alternate Future by GreenMatius2
Overwatch: The Alternate Futureby Jeffrey Cheong
Set in a post apocalyptic world, Overwatch, a global peace keeping task force, had successfully established temporary peace among humans and the robotic AI omnics. When...
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Transformers RIDCF:Slumber party with the bots by OmegaKingSupreme
Transformers RIDCF:Slumber party Omega King Supreme
Russel hosts a slumber party for the bots but things don't go to plan when most of the Bee team are trapped in subsonic traps thanks to Steeljaw.Things get harder when H...
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A War In The Stars {TFRID} by Starburst_Minicon45
A War In The Stars {TFRID}by TF_Starburst
Before Drift finds the team, he faces crisis in space. With the help of his new pupils he must escape from his torturing mentor and fearsome bounty hunters that want to...
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Mishap by Forever_Souls
Mishapby Unbeknownst
"Poison? Decepticons? Some relic? Whoever done it was really stupid, they did it to their own team. If it is the Decepticons in the first place." "This...
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《The Lost Neutral》 by ax119v
《The Lost Neutral》by Nur Amelia
Data about Startrix Pax: Family members: Parents: Sirius Pax and Victorie(aka Mistress of Ice)-dead- Siblings(femmes): Windblade, Maxima and Slipstream Born: Cybertron S...
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A Gift in the Dark by TheOrangutan
A Gift in the Darkby Gavin Wilson
A collection of paranormal, horror and fantasy short stories woven around old legends, odd characters, the occasional werewolf and the darkness within, some of which hav...
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jetstorm and a human by diamondclawprime
jetstorm and a humanby diamond claw prime
jetstorm is a cybertronian minicon from a planet called cybertron. kya nakadai is miko's little sister but she wasn't born in japan, she was born in russia and she now l...
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One Weird Day by JackieBeeStories
One Weird Dayby Jackie Bee
One Weird Day is a collection of my short stories. The genres are horror, sci-fi, magic realism, slipstream - in short, the weird stuff! Some of the stories have previ...
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Transformers Robots in disguise Jetstorm's nightmare  by BlueLightWars-85
Transformers Robots in disguise BlueLightWars-85
Jetstorm has a nightmare and Drift and Slipstream are the only ones who can comfort him
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Been to long by Horror_Wolf
Been to longby HoRrOr
"It's been to long Thunderjaw." "It has. But we're together so we're okay. Right?" Blurr chuckled lightly and his grip around my waist tightened. &qu...
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Transformers: The New War For Cybertron by Fanboy885
Transformers: The New War For Fanboy885
The Beginning of the Great Autobot and Decepticon Civil War.
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Lost Sparks {TFRID} by Starburst_Minicon45
Lost Sparks {TFRID}by TF_Starburst
Slipstream and Jetstorm lost their parents ten years ago in an explosion. Suddenly, their carrier shows up, but it is good or bad? (Rewrite of original) NOTE: I don't o...
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