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Childe Giving Birth! (CGB) |Wholesome and Smutty by Valousitie
Childe Giving Birth! (CGB) |Wholes...by Valousitie
Childe is finally giving birth
Genshin Impact - Wrath of a God by VivienEichholz
Genshin Impact - Wrath of a Godby BlackPhantom
What if the whole Gnosis thing went a little differently? Childe couldn't believe his eyes. The feeling of betrayal hit him an an intant but when the other part of the c...
genshin smvt book (reupload) by ratkoonz
genshin smvt book (reupload)by call me rat
Someone reported my last book or something so now it's gone :') take this reupload of what I have saved all the x readers are gone I'm sorry I only write ships now i on...
Build a Boyfriend by PandoraButler
Build a Boyfriendby Death Themself
Liyue, a world-famous company for android models, releases the latest model: Geo Series. Childe can't help himself after a bad breakup and buys the Morax Version 3. Cust...
To Celebrate their Sun by Kiera540
To Celebrate their Sunby Kiera540
Childe was more than happy to enjoy the lazy day with his boys for his birthday, but they had other ideas and decided this was the perfect opportunity to spoil him.
Til Death Due Us Part I ZHONGLI X CHILDE  by bloopiehydru
Til Death Due Us Part I ZHONGLI X...by about to cry myself to sleep
this is based of the ship Zhongchi - chili (Zhongli x childe) Top Zhongli for upcoming Smut chapters. If you do not like the ship then sorry. An ex god trying to Save h...
God's Partner | Zhongchi by MajorTom_SoLala
God's Partner | Zhongchiby MajorTom_SoLala
"Ah..mmh... M..morax, more- Ah!" Childe was hopping on their Morax's lap, his eyes has long lost their sanity. One didn't have to be an Adepti to understand th...
one more chance (zhongchi) by itx_noraaa
one more chance (zhongchi)by itx_noraaa
reincarnation au zhongli and childe died in a second archon war that broke out in teyvat and were given a second chance at life (or love hehe) on earth enjoy!! <3
ZhongChi: How did this happen by tohrikeyA
ZhongChi: How did this happenby tohrikeyA
When childe was out doing work he encountered a monster but childe was not paying attention so the monster bit him and ran away. The ginger didn't seem to notice any cha...
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realfic by GottaMakeLemonade
Sumeru Akademiya - Chatfic/Realficby Lemon/Vex
Sumeru Academy is rather famous among all the nations, the headmasters Lord Lesser Kusanali and Celestia welcome anyone. Those with visions attend the school, and it's a...
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon  ZhongliXChilde by RNBugui
Pre-identity reveal Zhongchilemon...by RNBugui
pre identity reveal, zhongchi lemon. possesion, branding, precum, cum, sex, smut,
zhongchi images by honeysnek
zhongchi imagesby hisshiss im gay
its basically the omasai one but zhongchi and again no images are mine
Zhongchi Short stories by childeschild69
Zhongchi Short storiesby bog
Short stories about my favorite ship <3 Some angst because if I can't have my happy ending why should they. Stories made by how I am feeling when writing. I love writ...
Zhongchi smut by axtendary
Zhongchi smutby random
top zhongli bottom childe ° no top childe only childe suffering
Wish I were Heather {Zhonchi angst one-shot} by Yellow_Fox9
Wish I were Heather {Zhonchi angst...by Akitsumi
; ♡ A story about childe falling in love with zhongli but zhongli hasn't moved on from guizhong(or has he?) ♡ ; characters are not mine Arts are also not mine but credi...
Genshin smut by RuthieDoo
Genshin smutby Ruth
I made this because I'm hella picky and can't find smut that makes me happy. I dont own the cover but Collei🔛🔛 I write when im motivated so like idk (im almost neverr...
Even Gods Grow Weary by Kiera540
Even Gods Grow Wearyby Kiera540
Zhongli was.... tired. The type of tiredness that settled deep into one's soul and made the body exhausted. He wanted nothing more than to ignore the world for a while;...
Left alone inside a house with my dominant ex. by Childescvmbucket
Left alone inside a house with my...by Childescvmbucket
Context: they broke up a long time ago, Childe moved on and found someone else but zhongli was still madly in love with him. Ergo he kidnapped Childe in order to make hi...
Zhongli's heat [Top!Childe x Bottom!Zhongli by WhattpadFuckingSucks
Zhongli's heat [Top!Childe x Botto...by
Zhongli's heat has started once again, and he suddenly runs into a friend, Childe. What will this encounter lead to? [ZhongChi one shot]
Glaze Lilies [Zhongchi/Tartali] by Kaworumii
Glaze Lilies [Zhongchi/Tartali]by Kaworumii
After losing his first love, Zhongli tries to deal her loss and with his emotions. however a flower known as a glaze lily keeps reminding him of her, making it difficult...