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Teyvat high school by _Hi_miko_
Teyvat high schoolby Miko-sama/Miko-san <33
The story of two unique twins Who will be going to the most dangerous, strict and prestigious school Teyvat high school One of the most hardest schools for only selectiv...
[^] Another side to you [^] Xiaother Highschool AU [^] by 12Dogskull12
[^] Another side to you [^] Xiaoth...by Butters
Aether was a beaming ball of sunshine while Xiao was a quiet, independent boy. When their teacher pairs them up for a long-term project, they have a completely different...
Aether x All boys smut (one shot) by polarbear_aiss
Aether x All boys smut (one shot)by Polar Bear
Aether x All boys supremacy here ☀️🛐 WARNING!! SMUT!!
Feelings? not a chance. Xiao x Aether Fanfic by belowbeluw
Feelings? not a chance. Xiao x Aet...by belowbeluw
Many chapters right off the bat cause this has been in my drafts for a year
A Story - Xiaother  by alottodo
A Story - Xiaother by niceicenice
"your body belongs to me." - X "whAaa, wait what Xiao what do you mean?" - A "that means that nobody can touch you, even in situations...like th...
genshin impact pics n fics [ships included!] by momomiiru
genshin impact pics n fics [ships...by momo
i collect photos and fics, i share them... that's it that's the book. may include illustrations, comics, untranslated manga, and ao3 fanfic recommendations **if ANY art...
Xiaother-fluff/smut (vampire au)  by kzxhaa
Xiaother-fluff/smut (vampire au) by Arye
A life of a couple working on a small coffee shop in a world that use vampire and criminal as bounties system . Contains bl, nsfw and angst. If you don't like it, please...
[] One Shots [] Xiaoxaether [] by GhostCurse
[] One Shots [] Xiaoxaether []by Cnquer
These are just mini stories of the ship as it is adorable and I'm thinking about it 24/7 I hope you all enjoy <3 Some things may be AU's so not all will be 100% canon...
Warm mug || Xiaother || Modern AU by ApatheticKeii
Warm mug || Xiaother || Modern AUby Kei!
Just another cliche Coffee shop. Xiao was a boy who worked at a local small coffee shop. He was still in high school but didn't have much money, so he worked there every...
•This is Love..?• (On Hiatus) by _VenTEA
•This is Love..?• (On Hiatus)by _VenTEA
Xiao just walks around Liyue harbor, trying to find a restaurant. When he enters inside, he met a waiter named Aether. Xiao didn't know the meaning of love yet, but he i...
Stay With Me~ |Xiaother| by Younjien
Stay With Me~ |Xiaother|by YounJien
Aether has been looking for Lumine over 2 years. His hope fades more and more to the point where he decides to stop looking for his lost twin. He changes with made his f...
Flower boy (Aether x xiao) by Suman3352
Flower boy (Aether x xiao)by Kitsume_lover
First book please criticise the parts you don't like
Tʜᴇ ᴇᴄʟɪᴘsᴇ by A3therLee
Tʜᴇ ᴇᴄʟɪᴘsᴇby Lee
(Taking requests!) W A R N I N G ! ! ! ❥Cussing, kissing, gay, lesbian, (smut?) angst If you don't like any of these, feel free to leave! 𝙴𝚗𝚓𝚘𝚢! In Teyvat high scho...
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 [Xiao x Aether] by Kaitakou
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 [Xiao x Aether]by Kaitakou
After the fall of Rex Lapis, Adeptus Xiao finds that Liyue is not as much in need of protection as it used to be. Desperate to find a new purpose, he follows Aether into...
Love At First Sight? by Elimir3z
Love At First Sight?by Kunikuzushi Raiden
Hi pookies i changed the title Anygays XiaoxAether
Tangled by orbambii
Tangledby Bambi
[ COMPLETED ] Tangled but Xiaother! ~ Aether is Rapunzel. Xiao is Flynn/Eugene. Venti is Pascal. Asmoday is Mother Gothal / she is called Amias. Lumine is Aether's twin...
A Piece of You - xiaother [ENG] by cocogoat_mylk
A Piece of You - xiaother [ENG]by Lynx 🪐
One day Aether has a dream. He remembers someone, and calls his name. (author note) xiaother fanfic ehe~ english isn't my native language, but i'm also too lazy to use t...
Xiao x Aether Oneshots ❤️ by veryhotisa
Xiao x Aether Oneshots ❤️by Isa
Angst Fluff Smut (a big maybe) There will also be other ships as well but its mostly just xiaother (obviously) 🫶 And others I would love to hear some ideas if you have...
overworking || xiao x aether by kiyoshvi
overworking || xiao x aetherby kiyoshvi
( cover by geeeee_ss on twt ) ! COMPLETED ! A high-school boy named Aether lives by himself in a small home. He tends to overwork himself since he has a lot of work to d...
"Just Us." |Xiao X Aether<3| by LittleShira
"Just Us." |Xiao X Aether<3|by Shiraa
Hello everyone! I'm Shira I am a new writer and I only write about genshin ((Some smut and angst)), I maybe not be good at English so forgive me for some mistake or mis...