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Broken Family - Diabolik Lovers fanfiction by Diabolikfan608
Broken Family - Diabolik Lovers fa...by Diabolikfan608
Yui Komori ran away 10 years ago after having sexual intercourse with all of the boys (don't ask how just go along with it) and she gave birth to a baby who had the bloo...
Yui's brother and sister (COMPLETED) by strawberry123457
Yui's brother and sister (COMPLETE...by Strawberry123457
Yui has a brother and sister, their names are Maki and Maya. They didn't like yui not one bit. The reason why, Is because yui abuse them along with seiji because they wa...
diaboliklovers lover of the darkness  by 01anime127
diaboliklovers lover of the darkne...by Yuzuria Roseline Amber
this is a fanfiction of a girl who was always calm and quiet and is a goth her name is Rayne Moon. She is a Forster kid at the church she doesn't talk to anyone or had f...
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers × Male! OC]  by Arichli
•This is Real• [Diabolik Lovers ×...by Ari Richli
OFFICIALLY COMPLETED!! {As a child grows there are bound to be phases that they enter and then leave. With our particular main character, that was a fascination with the...
YUI'S LITTLE SISTERS (DISCONTINUED, i'm sorry) by strawberry123457
this is a story about yui and her sisters there both are going to the sakamaki house so let's see what happens when the sakamaki's find out that yui sisters are purebloo...
Daki as Yui's sister by Signoras_lovechild
Daki as Yui's sisterby 𝒮𝒾𝑔𝓃𝑜𝓇𝒶
Daki and Gyutaro is the childhood friend of the Sakamaki's after she was turned into a demon when ___ killed her running from a burning building.
Hollow by AstraeaBlackwood
Hollowby AstraeaBlackwood
Happiness...I used to know the definition of that word but I lost that knowledge somewhere along the road
"𝐒𝐇𝐄'𝐒 𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒" Yamatsu Y/n the cousin of Mukami and Sakamaki. She is different of any other girls this catches the hearts of the Sakamaki and Mukami brot...
Diabolik Lovers (Yui's Sister) Fanfic :3 by AestheticReadxWrites
Diabolik Lovers (Yui's Sister) Fan...by i.magine.
Yuruki Komori and her sister Yui Komori was sent to to the sakamaki's house to leave there since their father is going somewhere far away to do "something"...Y...
Diabolik lovers - Yui's older sister by Waffles_404
Diabolik lovers - Yui's older sist...by Waffles
Who would know that Yui had a sister? How will she react when she finds out about vampires? Author: I'm writing this story just for fun and take out all those scenarios...
Demon (Diabolic lovers x reader) ■EDITING PHASE■ by tess2431
Demon (Diabolic lovers x reader) ■...by Ŧ€ŞŞ
Yui Komori and Y/n are adopted, siblings. Their guardian is seji kamori Who dispises Y/n. Why? Who knows... Yui and Y/n get sent to the Sakamaki mansion to find out the...
Yui's Little Sister by Kaelyn121
Yui's Little Sisterby Kaelyn121
WARNING: Yui is a not fragile and weak she is a bad ass You are Yui's little sister and you end up going with her to the Sakamakis. However you are 5 years old. See how...
Diabolik Daughters by unikitty455
Diabolik Daughtersby unikitty455
What if Yui managed to escaped the grasps of the Sakamaki Vampires? What if she got married to another man? But, there is a catch, she is pregnant with 8 Sakamaki babies...
yui's Magic Secrat by dyrbjyrnj
yui's Magic Secratby z star
what if yui has a secrat past but the sakamaki brothers dont know even yui read more to found out🏵💮🌸
Diabolik lovers: the monster school by Inoridragoneel
Diabolik lovers: the monster schoolby NerdReader
Yui realized she wasn't normal. She always new she wasn't normal because of her power. That's when she got an application to join a monster high school. She new this was...
Friends and Foes by ashjaim
Friends and Foesby ashjaim
Yui is still stuck in the Sakamaki home, But soon her boy hating best friends show up out of the blue to come to her rescue! Read to find out more This story is about he...
Evangeline {English Version} by mickaella_collina
Evangeline {English Version}by mickaella collina
They betrayed her in the worst way, and she left them. They found her months later, surprised to see the results of their actions. Little did they know they knew Yui bef...
The Sakamaki Roses  by princess_pavni
The Sakamaki Roses by Pavni
What if Yui escaped from the vampire brothers and then one day Karl Heinz finds her but........................
Diabolik Lovers: Yui Is A Demon?!?! (AYAYUI) by jasminnnies
Diabolik Lovers: Yui Is A Demon...by minnie
*What wasn't shown in the Anime* When ever Yui got upset her wings came out but when it happened she ran. So the brothers never saw. But what if Ayato knew and didn't t...
YUI'S BROTHER  by animelooverr
If yui's brother came to live with her and found that she's been faking her act around 6 hot boys (Yui is a bitch)