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Bound by The Ball | Yoonmin ✔️ by Mai_Spring
Bound by The Ball | Yoonmin ✔️by Mai
Rival basketball players Omega Jimin and Alpha Yoongi haven't gotten along since the second they met. What happens when their friends plan a week long vacation, forcing...
Written In The Stars • Yoonmin [Completed✔] by MiniMjmMin
Written In The Stars • Yoonmin [Co...by 🌹
Park Jimin felt his first heartbreak at the age of 14 when Min Yoongi, his childhood bestfriend, leaves him without a word. 4 years later Yoongi came back, and Jimin wan...
serendipity {YOONMIN} by playboy_jkay
serendipity {YOONMIN}by 𝔓𝔩𝔞𝔶𝔟𝔬𝔶 𝔐𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫
(Ser•en•dip•i•ty) /serənˈdipədē/ ...
Fanfiction Recommendations (K-Pop) by samheedandlani
Fanfiction Recommendations (K-Pop)by ...
Really just Taekook, Yoonmin, and Namjin. There is one Yeonbin fic in this, as well.
Chaos of Life by CaptainBrieOnToast
Chaos of Lifeby Brie Rosier
Yoongi doesn't do things he doesn't like to do. He doesn't talk to people he doesn't like. He doesn't go to class if he doesn't want to. He doesn't even bother to look a...
Flowers in the moon |yoonmin| by iamthejackinthebox
Flowers in the moon |yoonmin|by Big house big rings
After loosing his parents jimin had been through a lot but one thing at a time his life is getting better. After a lot of ups and downs he meets the love of his life or...
Appreciate Yourself - You're Important to Me by Cold_JD
Appreciate Yourself - You're Impor...by Cold DJ
During the Promotion period, Park Jimin tends to focus on only practice and work, totally forgetting his need to eat or keep healthy. To top it off, the comments on his...
¿Amor a primera vista? ✿Yoonmin ✿ by DoolyJiminiee
¿Amor a primera vista? ✿Yoonmin ✿by Dooly Jiminnie
Donde Yoongi cuida de un joven que ha perdido la visión, del cual se enamora y creyendo que algún día aquel chico verá nuevamente... Yoongi decide tomarse fotos cada dí...
morning shift | yoonmin by mini_myg
morning shift | yoonminby 𝐬𝐞𝐛𝐛𝐢
yoongi was late. his boss wasn't having it. he had to work the morning shift.
Your Whisper by jung1975
Your Whisperby Minnie
Yoongi can see and hear spirits. He has always been into those kinds of things but never really paid attention to it. Until he moves into a new house and hears what is i...
DARE / y.minby inactive.
COMPLETED "i dare you to let me go." + a story in which Park Jimin accepts Min Yoongi's dares. started/ completed: 12.9.17
Let go| Yoonmin by likmabliebo
Let go| Yoonminby likmabliebo
Yoongi walks in on his roommate and long time best friend Jimin, humming a song which Yoongi had secretly sung to him every night whilst he slept. (Au from my Twitter...