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Up, Up, and Away by TardisAesthetics
Up, Up, and Awayby B
The 13th doctor and her friends, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham, crash land in December of 1927 after the TARDIS goes rogue. But something is off...
  • ryansinclair
  • 13
  • professor
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thirteenth doctor one shots by whitttakerr
thirteenth doctor one shotsby whitttakerr
highest ranking: #1 in tvshow || all of my thirteenth doctor one shots. includes: thirteenth doctor x readers, thirteenth doctor and her companions etc. full of angst, f...
  • doctorwho
  • jodiewhittaker
  • periodpains
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Love you to the end of the universe//thasmin by panicattthetardis
Love you to the end of the univers...by Panicattthetardis
Yaz and the doctor both have secret feelings for each other but are uneasy and unwilling to let them out. Another character also has similar feelings for Yaz which could...
  • jodiewhittaker
  • tardis
  • 11thdoctor
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Love you to infinity and beyond//thasmin by panicattthetardis
Love you to infinity and beyond//t...by Panicattthetardis
The now engaged couple are weeks away from the birth of their first child, for Yaz this means fatigue, stress and anxiety. Baby manuals strewn around the place, the Doct...
  • doctorxyaz
  • jodiewhittaker
  • thasmin
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Echoes ·Doctor Who Season 11· by -arianagrxnde-
Echoes ·Doctor Who Season 11·by -arianagrxnde-
echo ˈɛkəʊ/ noun plural noun: echoes a sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener. Known as being the loud mouth of She...
  • doctorwho
  • thedoctor
  • ryansinclair
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Love you to infinity//thasmin by panicattthetardis
Love you to infinity//thasminby Panicattthetardis
(Follow on from my first story, Love you to the end of the universe, but you don't have to read it first!) Yaz and the Doctor are dating and travelling alone- Graham pas...
  • tenthdoctor
  • yazminkhan
  • 12thdoctor
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All For Her ( A Thasmin Story) by TardisTakeover
All For Her ( A Thasmin Story)by fangirling_in_the_tardis
Yaz meets The Doctor on a cold night in Sheffield and, as they begin to travel together, Yaz starts to develop feelings for her amazing new friend. Will Yaz tell The Doc...
  • thirteen
  • s11
  • lesbian
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Doctor Who Problems  by IsabellaW18
Doctor Who Problems by IsabellaW18
You know you are a Whovian when....... This will tell you all the changes that have happened in your life after watching the amazing show, Doctor Who. I'll also be posti...
  • timelord
  • davidtennant
  • petercapaldi
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13th doctor x reader by doctorthirteen
13th doctor x readerby BILLIE EILISH ❤️
You were about to kill yourself when the doctor and yaz find you. After a while with them you are growing closer to the doctor and you may have a little crush on her but...
  • yasmin
  • drwho
  • 13doctor
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Lost girl- Thasmin (13th Doctor x Yaz) by lgbt_izzy
Lost girl- Thasmin (13th Doctor x...by isabelle
After fighting the large spiders in her home town Yaz starts to take time to ground herself and find her feet, only there's a problem. She wants to be swept off them by...
  • jodiewhittaker
  • wlw
  • bisexual
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The Week Of The Dead  by Martimoo21
The Week Of The Dead by Moo03
The Doctor drops Ryan and Graham home as they wanted to be on earth for Graces birthday. The Doctor and Yas go and explore and when they come back an old friend of the d...
  • torchwood
  • grahamobrian
  • doctorwho
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Sparks to Dust by Lady-Sparkle-45tt
Sparks to Dustby Lady-Sparkle-45tt
Deserey Dunet was miserable. She'd lived with severe depression for all her life, barely able to find a will to live from day to day. She's training to be a police offic...
  • ốc
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • ryansinclair
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Lost In Time by artlovingbre
Lost In Timeby Bre
After traveling with the Doctor for about a month, team TARDIS were about to go see Elvis Presley until Yaz was violently thrown from the TARDIS and somehow ended up wit...
  • seventhdoctor
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • eighthdoctor
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The Insanity Chamber // Thasmin by doctor13who
The Insanity Chamber // Thasminby Sophie Nice
A badly written Doctor Who fanfiction with some thasmin... The tardis is broken and the doctor and the gang need to find out what happened before it's too late.
  • jodiewhittaker
  • doctorwho
  • thirteenthdoctor
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Thasmin Week by denpine
Thasmin Weekby DENPINE
First ever Thasmin week and I am so very late, but I wanted to take my time with these. Hope you guys enjoy them
  • thirteen
  • doctorwho
  • thasmin
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Episode 10 Comment Challenge by BBCDoctorWho
Episode 10 Comment Challengeby Doctor Who Official
Inspired by the return of Tim Shaw, we'd like you to write us a short story (in 4 comments or less) about the return of another enemy from Series 11. Pick a baddie from...
  • science
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • jodiewhittaker
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home again ~ doctor who s11 fanfic by tardisfizz
home again ~ doctor who s11 fanficby hatty :)
  • thirteen
  • ryan
  • yasminkhan
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Doctor Who One Shots by Himynameserin
Doctor Who One Shotsby Star Girl⭐️
Short stories that are written about different incarnations of the doctor and their companions! Hope y'all don't mind there will also be a few Lily James x Matt cause I...
  • karengillan
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • tenrose
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Thirteenth Doctor one shots by panicattthetardis
Thirteenth Doctor one shotsby Panicattthetardis
Thasmin, non Thasmin, thirteenxriver and non-romantic one shots too. A variety of story snippets from fluff, adventures to perhaps even smut (highly unlikely) all featur...
  • thasmin
  • thirteenthdoctor
  • grahamobrien
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13 meets The Weeping Angels by Ollie3003
13 meets The Weeping Angelsby Oliver
The thirteenth Doctor's companions meet the Weeping Angels. Not my characters, theyre from BBC's show Doctor Who
  • tardis
  • doctorwho
  • doctorwhofanfiction
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