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thirteenth doctor one shots (old) by whitttakerr
thirteenth doctor one shots (old)by whitttakerr
DISCONTINUED: CONTINUED IN "THIRTEENTH DOCTOR ONE SHOTS" ON MY PROFILE highest ranking: #1 in tvshow || all of my thirteenth doctor one shots. includes: thirte...
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13th Doctor OneShots by D4rkSw4nQueen
13th Doctor OneShotsby MissTimeyWimey!!
13th Doctor one-shots, including some old faces and my OC! So the BBC WATTPAD was doing a comment section thing now it really got me inspired more, and so i decided to...
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All For Her ( A Thasmin Story) by coconutty03
All For Her ( A Thasmin Story)by Amirah Munday
Yaz meets The Doctor on a cold night in Sheffield and, as they begin to travel together, Yaz starts to develop feelings for her amazing new friend. While they both try t...
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The Best Thing in the Universe by RamblingStark
The Best Thing in the Universeby Vincent
The Doctor, a 3000 year old time traveling alien and Yasmin Khan, a 24 year old officer from Sheffield, definitely a odd couple of people to become friends as close as t...
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13th doctor x reader by doctorthirteen
13th doctor x readerby BILLIE EILISH ❤️
You were about to kill yourself when the doctor and yaz find you. After a while with them you are growing closer to the doctor and you may have a little crush on her but...
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Love you to infinity and beyond//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to infinity and beyond//t...by doctor13who
The now engaged couple are weeks away from the birth of their first child, for Yaz this means fatigue, stress and anxiety. Baby manuals strewn around the place, the Doct...
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The 13th Doctor Has Adventures by ChocolateMarshmallow
The 13th Doctor Has Adventuresby Molly
Thasmin and 13 x Reader one offs, and also just small adventures with Team Tardis Some fluff but no smut (yet??) Disclaimer: I did not do the cover art!!!
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Love you to the end of the universe//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to the end of the univers...by doctor13who
Yaz and the doctor both have secret feelings for each other but are uneasy and unwilling to let them out. Another character also has similar feelings for Yaz which could...
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Problems Whovians Face by IsabellaW18
Problems Whovians Faceby idratherliveinnarnia
You know you are a Whovian when....... This will tell you all the changes that have happened in your life after watching the amazing show, Doctor Who. I'll also be posti...
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Up, Up, and Away by TardisAesthetics
Up, Up, and Awayby B
The 13th doctor and her friends, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham, crash land in December of 1927 after the TARDIS goes rogue. But something is off...
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13th Doctor OneShots S2 by D4rkSw4nQueen
13th Doctor OneShots S2by MissTimeyWimey!!
I don't Own any of the characters that belongs to the (BBC) Doctor Who. Hey Fam, So because these Oneshots/fics are going to be based of the episodes of S12 like the fi...
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Love you to infinity//thasmin by doctor13who
Love you to infinity//thasminby doctor13who
(Follow on from my first story, Love you to the end of the universe, but you don't have to read it first!) Yaz and the Doctor are dating and travelling alone- Graham pas...
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐬 | 13th Doctor | series. 11 & 12 by ElvenDiscoBall
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐨...by ElvenDiscoBall
Having moved from Sweden to the small, yet kinda exotic town of Sheffield at the young age of 12, Ingrid Hildur Urlika Brorberg considered herself to be very easily adap...
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Lost girl- Thasmin (13th Doctor x Yaz) by lgbt_izzy
Lost girl- Thasmin (13th Doctor x...by isabelle
After fighting the large spiders in her home town Yaz starts to take time to ground herself and find her feet, only there's a problem. She wants to be swept off them by...
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Stay hopeful//Thasmin  by doctor13who
Stay hopeful//Thasmin by doctor13who
Stuck in the newfound misery the Doctor and Yaz have discovered, they're more than distraught about finding the truth of what has happened to their beloved daughter. Imm...
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Thasmin One Shots by Chqrliexo
Thasmin One Shotsby Chqrliexo
Okay pretty sure I have an actual problem but we're gonna ignore that!
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Sergeant Smith & PC Khan - Thasmin (13th Doctor x Yasmin Khan) by kate84602
Sergeant Smith & PC Khan - Thasmin...by kate84602
An AU where the Doctor is a sergeant at one of Sheffield's police departments. She takes a strong liking to Yaz, who has relocated there as a new constable. Feelings ens...
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I'd Cross Galaxies To Find You (Thasmin) by DylanSBurley
I'd Cross Galaxies To Find You (Th...by Dylan Burley
Yaz and 13 fanfiction, as I feel there isn't enough out there. I don't really know where the story is going yet but basically it's just Yaz and the doctor falling for ea...
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Love Hurts by whovian-13
Love Hurtsby whovian-13
The doctor loves Yaz, but she can't let anything happen. She's scared, she knows she will only hurt her in the end. Travelling with the doctor is dangerous enough but be...
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