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The Stepfather (MxM) ✓ by SeizeTheButt
The Stepfather (MxM) ✓by SeizeTheButt
Forced out of his home in London, Sam has little choice but to show up on his mother's doorstep in Florida. Absent from each other's lives for the last nine years, Sam...
The Feeling Checklist by Believeeexoxo
The Feeling Checklistby DeAnna Ingraham Faison
Seventeen-year-old Hazel never saw having a sick mom in her future. And the last thing she expected was for her new nextdoor neighbor to give her a checklist that would...
Hey! (LMK various x reader) by UntitledUnderscore_
Hey! (LMK various x reader)by UntitledUnderscore_
im bored im tired and ive got lotsa time on my hands btw this is my first story and im hella nervous GN!reader, who isn't human but not quite a demon either? They're mo...
Revised Grocery Gang x Reader by vickshascoolshoes
Revised Grocery Gang x Readerby skY
Surprise! Will update frequently. (maybe) July 17th, 2022: no.1 Ranking in #revised July 25th, 2022: no.1 Ranking in #roblox This is going to be very // somewhat differe...
needy nerd behavior  by scarlettify
needy nerd behavior by scar
since you guys desperately asked for a Rowan fic!! I have delivered -- includes fluff;smut;angst THIS IS A WIP, ONGOING SERIES. Please realize I'm a student so some ch...
Atomic (bakugou x male reader oneshots) by r1otb0y
Atomic (bakugou x male reader ones...by tex
bakugou one shots........yeah please check the first chapter for request rules !! i make my books for masc aligned ppl! i ask that you don't comment saying that you're...
Left Behind by kur0migguk
Left Behindby m <3
Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook have always been best friends--doing everything together. Well, that is until Jungkook gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an idol...
Funtimes With Y/N! (Funtime Freddy x Reader) by DankerPen
Funtimes With Y/N! (Funtime Freddy...by Dolly
Times are hard after 18-year-old Y/N graduates high school and Y/N parents kicked her out. Her best friend Millie offers her to stay at her glorious mansion. She decides...
Record Of Ragnarok Reader Insert ig- by saibotbitch
Record Of Ragnarok Reader Insert i...by 永恆的蘑菇
I don't know where I'm going with this- My update schedule- It's so down the gutter-
Edges of the World by glompcat
Edges of the Worldby glompcat
Leia Organa finds herself stuck in a strange alternate/parallel universe where the Empire never came to exist. Meanwhile, trying to navigate a galaxy ruled by the Sith w...
Wings of Fire: Solarflare by ThatOneNightWing
Wings of Fire: Solarflareby Firestar
Solarflare is a regular NightWing-SkyWing hybrid. At least, before dragons look at him closely. Solarflare was raised on the mainland by his SkyWing mother, Garnet. Sola...
!!!ON HIATUS!!!! My angry man Jotaro x female reader by Wrryyyy
!!!ON HIATUS!!!! My angry man Jota...by Wrryyyy
You transferred here not too long ago, but you noticed that out of everyone in the school one boy was always crowed with girls. You could always hear him yelling at them...
LMK x GN!Reader oneshots by UntitledUnderscore_
LMK x GN!Reader oneshotsby UntitledUnderscore_
yeehaw since i cant compile my creativity into a book of episodes and days and stuff why not oneshots.
Ruv x Reader [REQUESTS CLOSED!] (One shot, Drabble, Etc) by SecretFuuF
Ruv x Reader [REQUESTS CLOSED!] (O...by SusFuff
Simply me writing about Ruv x Reader, though most of this revolves around the reader being a trans-man, since it's a self-insert (unless requested to be something else...
Fire Starter by Hottopictobias
Fire Starterby Hottopictobias
After Red son runs away/gets chased away from Home, He's left on the streets to fend for himself. This has happened before to him, but this time is different. It's far w...
Exasperation by urfavconsul
Exasperationby jam / consul
Espresso realizes that he must take a break from work, but who would've convinced him to stop for so long? ---------- Written by Jam