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My Summer Love ✓ (under major editing) by carmskiiee
My Summer Love ✓ (under major strawberry 🍓
Win spent his summer far away from the city in an attempt to fix his broken heart. Little did he know that one fateful summer could change his life forever. BrightWin f...
TEN YEARS LATER by AngelElysianx
TEN YEARS LATERby AngelElysianx
A 10 year old Win had a crush on Bright who happens to be his brother's bestfriend. After the heartbreak he decided to let things go. He chose to leave everything behind...
Not as easy as i thought🌼 | Brightwin by ilovemgverymuch
Not as easy as i thought🌼 | Remmy 🤩
"P'Brighttttttttt!!!" Win whining while kicking the air . "No win. You cant follow me . you are a kid so a big no "Bright leave closing the door . ...
The Wrong Twin | Brightwin by nongmeyn
The Wrong Twin | Brightwinby preiah
Win might be a little bit inlove with his best friend, Bright. But the thing is, Bright is straight, and it shouldn't matter. He vows that no matter what, he will be the...
ARRANGED MARRIAGE | Brightwin Fanfiction ✔️ by Justpennamephoebe_
ARRANGED MARRIAGE | Brightwin Phoebe
Arranged marriage by Phoebe a promise that needed to fulfill by a heir of the family. Win and Bright is both from wealthy family. Their family is friends and also partne...
When your CEO's twins calls you mommy by angelbrightywinnie
When your CEO's twins calls you angelic stelline
what happens when one day suddenly CEO Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn's twins calls Bright, secretary of Win mommy in front of every member of the company. What more if his...
The Heir & The Secretary [COMPLETE] by fly_ell
The Heir & The Secretary [COMPLETE]by fly, ell
"I did not know an heir can be this dumb." "I am not dumb, you are." "Dumb people usually do not know that they are dumb." Win Metawin i...
Stupid Cupid (Completed ☑️) by monmamooon
Stupid Cupid (Completed ☑️)by monmamooon
Win is a cupid. On his card are two names - New and Neen - and it is his job to connect the two people and have them fall in love with each other. Just as he was about t...
In Your Time by annaloveyy
In Your Timeby annaloveyy
In his basement, Win Metawin hid a time machine. He uses it to travel to different dimensions and periods in time for inspiration for his art. However, one day, he got c...
Just a Man, Not A Magician by sunnuisance
Just a Man, Not A Magicianby sunnuisance
Tragedy that happen more than decades ago make Win Metawin, CEO of snowbrights (SB) company become cold and distant towards others. Bright Vachirawit, just a normal guy...
Ever So Sweet by ssunshine15
Ever So Sweetby ѕυиѕнιиє💤
My ever so sweet, irresistible, my only omega. He pressed a bouquet of white hydrangeas to my hands. Looking at me with hopeful eyes they held the same question. Same ol...
The Unknown Series by shh_itsgulfiee
The Unknown Seriesby shh_itsgulfiee
Mew Suppasit a Thailand Actor and a 'cold hearted person'. Mew is a very famous Thailand Actor for his very attractive face but with his very shitty attitude most of the...
Belong To Me || SarawatTine by baebluechan
Belong To Me || SarawatTineby Miharu💚
"marry me when we grown up, okay?" "promise me?" "promise" ✨✨✨✨✨✨ I hope you like this story and dont forget to give your opinion on the co...
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The Right You <BrightWin Vs SaraWin> by mythicalinker
The Right You by Mythical Inker
[COMPLETED 🌠] Win thought that Bright felt the same way as him... that they shared something special that went beyond their onscreen roles as a couple. That's the reaso...
DESTINY by MineToMe_4evr
DESTINYby MineToMe_4evr
Just Go on... you are not seeking destiny but destiny is waiting for you. *** An irresponsible person and a lie. What will happen if his lies come alive in front of him...
The Proposal | Brightwin (Movie Au)  by nongmeyn
The Proposal | Brightwin (Movie preiah
When New York chief executive editor Bright faces deportation to Thailand, he convinces his assistant Win to marry him in return for a promotion. A trip to Win's hometow...