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The Walking Dead Clementine x Male Reader by Deotakukids
The Walking Dead Clementine x Deotakukids
You were a simple boy as you lived with your mom and dad. You went to school and played soccer. One day though your teacher went crazy and all students had to leave scho...
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, fluff 》One-shots by imcuteunlikeyou
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, ✓𝑪𝑬𝑹𝑻𝑰𝑭𝑰𝑬𝑫 𝑭𝑹E𖧇𝑲...
idk if we still on the clouis train but hey im finna start it back again if no one was updating or anything or hasnt been any clouis action happening im here, all the cl...
The First Step (Book One, Clementine)  by Happy_me16
The First Step (Book One, Happy_me16
The first book in the Step Series. Takes place in the first walking dead game, will be a slowburn Clementine x oc. It started when the dead rose up and started walking a...
~twdg imagines and preferences~ by clemarshh
~twdg imagines and preferences~by Jade
TWDG Imagines from any season with any character, requests are open! (all will be character x reader, no specific names!!)
The fifth marauder. by Hermione_peletier
The fifth Hermione_peletier
Carley Evans. Twin sister of lily Evans. Long red hair, glowing blue eyes. Oh and did I mention that's she's a marauder? That's right. Carley Evans is the only girl mara...
Ridin' High, Livin' Free by Toxic_Love14
Ridin' High, Livin' Freeby Toxic_Love14
Carley Jackson grew up with her mother and step-father in London. All her life she was around infamous motorcycle clubs. her father was President of the Hellions MC in L...
Twdg Christmas One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Christmas One-Shots by ♡
A few Christmas One-Shots with Twdg characters. Christmas at the ski lodge. Merry Christmas, everyone! :)
izombie crossover the walking dead game season 1-2 by Mnhat20
izombie crossover the walking Nhat Truong
After 3 day outbreak liv lost her friend now her on her own found a group can she survie Find out now!!!!🔜 All season 1,2 What happed when liv meet carver,
Strengthen Love by Abbiwriter
Strengthen Loveby Ms.Fandom
Lee and Carley are reunited and finally share a moment of intimacy, a moment they had left off. *Photo doesnt belong to me* TWDG ©️ Telltale Games We're Alive ©️ Waylan...
izombie crossover the walking dead game Season 3- 4 by nhungvn81
izombie crossover the walking nhungvn81
you did it you found this story this story will sequel zombie crossover the walking dead season 1 2 I sorry make you guy wait so long I will upload the story to the end
The City Boy's Secret by BlazeTech3000
The City Boy's Secretby Blaze (JETT)
Gabriel Garcia moved to Los Angeles, California along with his little sister and father when he was six. Ten years later, a young girl moves from Macon, Georgia to LA du...
Sudden love (Violetine modern Au) by WilliamMine2
Sudden love (Violetine modern Au)by William Mine
Hi guys! So this is like a story mixture between my three favorite universes. WoW, Ow and Twdg. Imma explain the story in the first chapter, stay tuned!
Ericson's Bording School☆Viotine fanfiction  by AnimeNatalee
Ericson's Bording School☆Viotine Nat
after a traumatizing day, clems uncle lee and aunt carley take care of Clem. Clem ment this beautiful girl named violet is it love?
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We Are The Same (Mako Mermaids) *Zac Blackley* by ColleenRiggs
We Are The Same (Mako Mermaids) * LoveLiveLaugh
Aqua Santos was your normal teenage girl. Well, except that when she touches water she grows a tail. Then these mere aid girls come out of their pod. Apparently this lan...
Carlee One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Carlee One-Shots by ♡
A few One-Shots with Lee and Carley. Lee x Carley (Carlee)
The Adventures  of PD by KyleeFabo
The Adventures of PDby Kylee Fabo
This story is just going to be what ever comes in my head if you like amazing if you don't that's ok!! Bye ...
The Home Bartender, 2nd Edition by Shane Carley by racumyjo92705
The Home Bartender, 2nd Edition racumyjo92705
Explore The Home Bartender, 2nd Edition PDF by Shane Carley Cider Mill Press Listen to The Home Bartender, 2nd Edition audiobook by Shane Carley Read Online The Home Bar...