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Barking up the wrong tree. Lumity Fanfiction AU. by ChrysDoesGay
Barking up the wrong tree. Lumity...by Chrys
Animal AU of The Owl house, still very much like cannon except paw-sibly gayer. Mostly Boscha redemption arc in the first few episodes, then Lumity overpowers Boschlow...
Teaser for "The Walking Dead AU"(The Owl House) by Vixeon_0
Teaser for "The Walking Dead AU"(T...by Vixeon_0
Warning! This AU contains some heavy topics such as suicide, sexual assault, violence, gore, and more. Disclaimer! Any and all French, Spanish, and Welsh was used throu...
Winter (hunter/willow) Oneshots by cottagekitties
Winter (hunter/willow) Oneshotsby Cottage Kitties
Adorable, fluffy, possibly angsty hunter x willow one-shots I write as I come up with cute scenarios for them uwu
Why 1 When You Can Study 9 (The Owl House Harem x Male reader by Historynerd5445
Why 1 When You Can Study 9 (The Ow...by Head Of The Bard Coven
Y/n has always been looked down on by everyone in his school, except Luz Noceda, one day when they both get in trouble they are planned to be sent to a summer camp to be...
Ⓗunting Ⓨou (Hunter X Reader) by sun_ve
Ⓗunting Ⓨou (Hunter X Reader)by Wbebebe
Y/N is 21, and is a wild witch, specialized in Beast Keeping, plants, and Potions. Once she left Hexside, she wanted to use her own magic the way she wanted to, but that...
♡ Lumity Comics ♡  by Ninereading
♡ Lumity Comics ♡ by Ninereading
The Owl House Groupchat 🦉🏳️‍🌈😂💖  by TheFlittleOne
The Owl House Groupchat 🦉🏳️‍🌈😂...by ⊹₊ Flittle ₊⊹
Hello, this is my first fanfic so it probably won't be as good but I hope you like it! Ships included: Lumity Huntlow Raeda Aladarius ...and maybe more This takes plac...
Coffee ; beta lumity by onlylumity
Coffee ; beta lumityby <3
Beta Au : in which I imagine them as the ages 18/19. Amity Blight, top student. She prefers to be alone and only hangs out with her friend, Boscha, but that all changes...
The Owl House: Tesoro by Garth2the2ndpower
The Owl House: Tesoroby Garth Squair
It was a frenzied period of transition for everyone in the Boiling Isles. Belos was dead, the Day of Unity crisis was averted, the covens fell into disarray and fought a...
Teenage Prodigies {Gustholomule} by emaiakdkdjdjx
Teenage Prodigies {Gustholomule}by EMMMAAAA
(ART NOT MINE!!) (Human High School AU) At Glandus High, you need to be physically strong to survive. It doesn't matter how smart you are, if you aren't physically capab...
Changeling Witch by DragonWriter77
Changeling Witchby Lizly
Hunter Noceda has always firmly believed that the best way to go about life is to be yourself. But when you're a queer kid with a single mom and a love for the macabre...
Spider-Witch: The Owl-Verse by Emperor_Drakkon
Spider-Witch: The Owl-Verseby Emperor of Confusion
Deep in the multiverse, there's another Luz Noceda destined to become Spider-Witch! Join her on her adventure as she explores the infinite vast of The Multiverse and hav...
lovers rock - beta lumity by wqybright
lovers rock - beta lumityby erika
"she might want a kiss before the end of the song" amity blight just wanted help with a spanish test, but she seems to have grown to love her spanish tutor. ar...
Back on the boiling isles  by Abbie_yellow
Back on the boiling isles by Yellow
Luz comes back the boiling isles 4 years later because her mom made her come home now she is back and everyone is a little different from before especially Amity Blight
You Never Did Mention Shananagins - Huntlow🌻 by ManTh0l0mule
You Never Did Mention Shananagins...by Lemon cake
Set in mid August, around a week after the end of Season 2 of the owl house. Eda's orphans and their time spent in the human realm during the summer, and the blossoming...
Between Two Worlds by msheridamn
Between Two Worldsby Marlon
It's been 3 years since Luz went to the Boiling Isles. She got trapped in the human realm after the doorway back to the Boiling Isles was no where to be found. ⚠️Warning...
TheFlittleOne's Opinions on TOH Ships  by TheFlittleOne
TheFlittleOne's Opinions on TOH Sh...by ⊹₊ Flittle ₊⊹
Hello, I'm just going to give my shipping opinions because why not? I'm doing them in order of when the first interaction between the characters started because otherwis...
𝐁𝐄𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐃! (Hunter x GN!Reader) by ittybittyzz
𝐁𝐄𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐃! (Hunter x GN!R...by hex
"You bewitch me every damn second you're with me. I try to think straight but I'm falling so badly, I'm coming apart. You wrotе me a note, cast a spell on my hеart...
Huntlow! by Kittimoonshadow
Huntlow!by Kittimoonshadow
My Version of Hunter and Willow's love story :) and oneshots. Takes place in Human realm at the start, but just Hunter and Willow confessing and stuff. I guess some fluf...
The Forbidden Drink II: Return of the Titans by Jss2141
The Forbidden Drink II: Return of...by Jss2141
After around a month since the defeat of Belos and awakening of the two new Titans, things have begun to return to normal, but scars don't fade away so easily. Not physi...