Clara/ The Doctor (11) by TimeLordObsessed
Clara/ The Doctor (11)by Naomi
Clara and the eleventh doctor smut book
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Doctor Who One shots by madmansbluebox
Doctor Who One shotsby Ⓜⓞⓝⓘⓠⓤⓔ
This is basically just fluff, sadness and maybe a bit of smut??? I do X readers and all other sorts of stuff. This is my first time doing this, so feedback would be appr...
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Secret Love (David Tennant) by alinn701
Secret Love (David Tennant)by ali
It started off as nothing really. Just fun and pleasure. No emotions we both said in the beginning. I wished we never would've have broken that rule.
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A Whouffle Collection by mad_hattie_Als
A Whouffle Collectionby Al
A little ship I'd like to call whouffle. Between Doctor 11 and Clara. 💙 this shall never not be me favorite ship in the world. THESE ARE NOT MINE AND IF ASKED I WILL G...
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Doctor Who Oneshots by FaNdOmFiCs03
Doctor Who Oneshotsby M
These are just mini stories that I didn't feel like writing a whole long plot to. Thanks for reading! :) (All characters and settings taken from the show belong to BBC a...
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Is The Future All Girl? by GoldenEnderFox
Is The Future All Girl?by GoldenEnderFox
Clara visits Twelve once more to help him through his regeneration. She wants to be there to see the new man who takes his place. Only thing is... The Thirteenth Doctor...
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Nothing But An Artist: whouffaldi au by lonelyoldtardis
Nothing But An Artist: whouffaldi...by Kam Marji
Clara Oswald is an twenty eight old University graduate. Ever since she had left University, life had hit her hard. After losing her boyfriend of two years a year ago, D...
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In Their Hearts by WhovianInSpace96
In Their Heartsby Jazz
A Whouffle One-Shot book filled with fluff, angst and anything else remotely shippy that you wish to enjoy. Mainly Eleven and Clara, though I will write Twelve and Clara...
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When We Travel Book 2 | Whouffaldi by GoldenEnderFox
When We Travel Book 2 | Whouffaldiby GoldenEnderFox
Book 2 of When We Travel. (Recommend to read Book 1 - But you don't HAVE to.) Clara. The Doctor. And their two children. Can the Doctor keep his family safe? Or will the...
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If These Wings Could Fly by RLandSBindaclub
If These Wings Could Flyby j.b.h
[Doctor Who] Almost eight years since he last visited. For him, it was 2 minutes. But when the Doctor opens the doors of the TARDIS one Wednesday morning, he realises he...
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Doctor Who Oneshots by GlxyNebula
Doctor Who Oneshotsby g w e n n i e
A Book of Oneshots of Doctor Who. It can either be boy x girl, girl x girl, boy x boy or genderswap. Also I apologize for any mistakes or grammars. Doctor Who and it's c...
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Just a series of whouffle one-shots I wrote :) Enjoy :)
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Whoufflé by Jessica_holmes221B
Whouffléby Jessica Cumberbatch
A Whoufflé love short story. All rights go to BBC and Doctor Who.
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• Whouffle • Souffez • by 11Whouffle
• Whouffle • Souffez •by 11Whouffle
Whouffle and Souffez The chapters that represent the relationship between the 11th Doctor and Clara are represented by: • GIFs • Parallels • AUs (Alternate Universe) ...
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Whouffaldi Collection by _JennaColeman_
Whouffaldi Collectionby A fangirl
"I will hold Clara's hand but that's it" Cover by It's Liam Edits
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Doctor Who: The Warning Song -ElevenxClara(Whouffle!) by Cutegirlmayra
Doctor Who: The Warning Song -Elev...by Cutegirlmayra
The Doctor and Clara haven't traveled very much together,so there still getting used to one another when the Tardis picks up an Alien signal with an attached riddle. Sud...
  • 11xclara
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Whouffle One-Shots by snowana1999
Whouffle One-Shotsby Lady Snowana
A massive shipping of whouffle. The Doctor and Clara travelling all over time and space. Happy to take ideas from people for things to write :)
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Oswalds and Roses | A Doctor Who Fanfic by Sara-Cath
Oswalds and Roses | A Doctor Who F...by Sara-Cath
For Rose the years have been long and happy. She has spent years adventuring with and loving metacrisis Ten. They have had two beautiful children and one beautiful life...
  • doctor
  • fanfic
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The Silent Echo (Whouffle) by RLandSBindaclub
The Silent Echo (Whouffle)by j.b.h
When the Doctor arrives in Ancient Greece, he meets a beautiful slave. Who also happens to be one of Clara's echoes... Will the Doctor be able to save her from her ruth...
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Crazy Stuff In by deanna-
Crazy Stuff Inby -`ro’´-
Bouquin dans lequel je posterais des montages ou des aesthetic. Risque de traumatisme émotionnelle, je ne suis en rien responsable ( enfin juste un peu ).
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