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Yellow to Pink (SasufemNaru) by cupchocochip
Yellow to Pink (SasufemNaru)by afternoon*greentea
#Transmigrasi #SasufemNaru #SasuSaku Naruto tersadar di rumah sakit, mendapati dirinya berubah menjadi istri menjengkelkan dari boss-nya, Sasuke. Ia pun juga kaget me...
  • sasufemnaru
  • naruto
  • sasunaru
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You got me in love 💓 (Inazuma Eleven/Go/CS/GG/Ares/Orion x Reader) by Animegirl_ph17
You got me in love 💓 (Inazuma Ele...by Winter_Blade
The beautiful cover was made by @_-Angelic_Demon-_ Hello, This is my first 'x reader' here in Wattpad. I hope that you enjoy every one shots that I make, and I will be g...
  • romance
  • endou
  • reader
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identity disorder | hiatus by hiraeigth
identity disorder | hiatusby tiffany
i·den·ti·ty īˈden(t)ədē/ (n) the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. dis·or·der disˈôrdər/ (n) a state of confusion. i'm in a state of confusion about the fa...
  • therapist
  • journal
  • letters
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Day and Night (Old) by sacredstarlight
Day and Night (Old)by #EpicSquad
Please read the revised version instead. Pictures by Shamanguli @ Deviantart Story by SacredStarlight
  • shipping
  • mlpfanfiction
  • sunsetshimmer
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Artemis' Arrow by gal_03
Artemis' Arrowby gal_03
When easygoing Hunter is dragged to a meeting by his brothers and alpha father, meeting his mate was only something he dreamt of. So as he chatted up some chick at the o...
  • werewolf
  • orion
  • mates
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Orion by eyesfullof
Orionby eyesfullof
Alternative universe where some special beings are the commanders of each planet and fight against Empusa and her team, whos trying to create a new dimension where she i...
  • fiction
  • orion
  • universe
The Story Of Orion by Shadow_Weird
The Story Of Orionby That weird author :3
The famous constellation is now getting his own story in this wacky tale. Orion's friend Cetus found out about an Egyptian constellation that was created a long time ago...
  • orion
  • constellations
  • anubis
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Rainbow Fart-tery by ILovePies266
Rainbow Fart-teryby ☆Crystal Heart☆
what happens to those poor pegasi who fail thier flight test? they are taken to a special, secret factory. then thier insides are ground up to make burritos. oh, not bur...
  • idk
  • misery
  • comedy
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Broken Stars by Dawnscerperi
Broken Starsby Firedawn
"There was a man who loved the moon, but whenever he tried to embrace her, she broke into a thousand pieces and left him drenched with empty arms." After Apoll...
  • retelling
  • blindness
  • artemisorion
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Short Stories by Artsby
Short Storiesby Artsby
** My collection of short stories that I thought, hey why the hell not! Some are shorter than others, but if you find any to the slightest interesting, let me know in th...
  • collection
  • adventure
  • pirates
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"Why were you being followed around the bar by those men and what is your name?" "Are you serious? If you are waiting for me to thank you or something its...
  • orion
  • action-romance
  • frances
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STARS WON'T MOVE, ANYWAY ✩ ON-GOIN...by undiscovered star
Yung tao na akala mong hindi mo mahal, ay matagal mo na palang iniibig? Siguro, hindi na dapat ipagpilitan ang bagay na hindi na dapat, baka mas lalo pang lumalala at h...
  • somuchhumor
  • francisco
  • cassiopeia
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Starstruck by SingingCrowWriting
Starstruckby Crowsong
The epic sequel to Starlit, this book features the daughters of Caroline and Quasar as they come to terms with the battle that will end the dispute between Star-Keeper l...
  • trounoire
  • sisterhood
  • altar
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Silver Dawn: Dreamhunters by ElsaRose01
Silver Dawn: Dreamhuntersby Elsa Rosenberg
The Twilight Wolf dashed through the Woods of Andromeda, panting as each step was taken. "Auriga," Orion began. "What's the matter?" Auriga stopped...
  • dreams
  • trilogy
  • twilight
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Orion's Coming by Fish94
Orion's Comingby Alex
The story of Orion Rencast, a powerful warrior with a clouded past and an unsure future.
  • demon
  • orion
  • semprini
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Luke & Kyle: End of the Line by Anastasia_Cross
Luke & Kyle: End of the Lineby Anastasia Cross
Luke Vetti and his best friend's most famous scene.
  • feels
  • luke
  • death
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Through Your Eyes [Tom Holland] by SMILEYGYRL1234
Through Your Eyes [Tom Holland]by SMILEYGYRL1234
Malorie Davis:Fresh out of college.Writer.Engaged to a man she doesn't love.Stuck in a life she hates. Tom Holland:Famous.Actor.Loved my millions.Living his dream life. ...
  • tom
  • love
  • holland
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Orion  by PlsSendHelp
Orion by Emma Cruz
in memory of Orion John Cruz.
  • orion
  • hurt
  • sadness
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bdfbgfnyj by dragondreams4u
bdfbgfnyjby Orion
  • larkins
  • god
  • orion
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