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PE or Me by GoldenEnderFox
PE or Meby GoldenEnderFox
Set in 'The Caretaker'. Danny uses the invisibility watch to see how Clara acts around the Doctor. The Doctor obviously knows that Danny is there so he decides to push h...
To Make A Choice by GoldenEnderFox
To Make A Choiceby GoldenEnderFox
The Doctor has to make a choice... Who lives and who dies? He has to choose between the two most important people in the universe to him... Clara and their daughter. Sad...
Trying Not To Drown: A Whoufflé Fanfiction by lonelyoldtardis
Trying Not To Drown: A Whoufflé Fa...by Kam Marji
While Clara and The Doctor travel through time and space, they soon realized that the connection they have is not platonic. The Doctor isn't good at relationships, and C...
Whouffaldi Collection by _JennaColeman_
Whouffaldi Collectionby A fangirl
"I will hold Clara's hand but that's it" Cover by It's Liam Edits
Doctor Who One shots by madmansbluebox
Doctor Who One shotsby Ⓜⓞⓝⓘⓠⓤⓔ
These one shots are about 40% sadness 40% fluff and 20% I don't know what I'm doing. There's quite a few x readers in here along with some poetry as well (yikes) and my...
Just a series of whouffle one-shots I wrote :) Enjoy :)
They Don't Know About Us - Whouffaldi by GoldenEnderFox
They Don't Know About Us - Whouffa...by GoldenEnderFox
Doctor Who - Whouffaldi | Twelve x Clara Clara and the Doctor have been together for two years but nobody knows about their relationship... Well... Missy knows. Nina dec...
My Dear Professor: whouffaldi by lonelyoldtardis
My Dear Professor: whouffaldiby Kam Marji
PROFESSOR AU: It is Clara Oswald's second year of University. And a certain professor has peaked her interest. A mysterious grey-haired man. Who is he? [whouffaldi/whouf...
"Whouffle OneShots..."  by whoufflefan97
"Whouffle OneShots..." by Whoufflefan97
I started writing this mainly because I had a great idea for some one-shots... So will update when I have some good ones.
When We Travel Book 2 | Whouffaldi by GoldenEnderFox
When We Travel Book 2 | Whouffaldiby GoldenEnderFox
Book 2 of When We Travel. (Recommend to read Book 1 - But you don't HAVE to.) Clara. The Doctor. And their two children. Can the Doctor keep his family safe? Or will the...
Whouffaldi In A Week by GoldenEnderFox
Whouffaldi In A Weekby GoldenEnderFox
Whouffaldi Appreciation Week 2k16! Yes I know I am late... Seven one-shots from the prompts. Includes Hybrid babies!
Doctor Who Oneshots by FaNdOmFiCs03
Doctor Who Oneshotsby M
These are just mini stories that I didn't feel like writing a whole long plot to. Thanks for reading! :) (All characters and settings taken from the show belong to BBC a...
Why Did You Leave? by RLandSBindaclub
Why Did You Leave?by j.b.h
{Complete} The Doctor and Clara are in a relationship. When an argument occurs, it costs Clara everything.
A Collection of Whouffle by HeartlessWench
A Collection of Whouffleby HeartlessWench
A collection of Whouffle one-shots, as requested by my fellow Whovians! I would love for you guys to comment on the story to enter your prompts, or you can PM me. I feel...
The trick is, don't fall in love. by Claraandthedoctor
The trick is, don't fall in love.by Claraandthedoctor
Clara and the doctor go to a beautiful holiday resort and realise that something's changed.
Recipe For Whouffle (Whouffle One Shots) by Allons-y_Geronimo
Recipe For Whouffle (Whouffle One...by Fandom Trash
Here are some one shots of Clara and The Doctor (aka Whouffle) most will be clean but some will have smut. Please vote comment and follow for more Doctor Who FanFics
Maybe, Maybe Not by tardisbaker
Maybe, Maybe Notby tardisbaker
The Doctor takes Clara on a different trip, not just any old planet, but the TARDIS. Words are exchanged and feelings arise between the two. Will the TARDIS bring them c...
Soufflés and Stars [Whouffle/Whouffaldi One-Shots] by cosmicchelc
Soufflés and Stars [Whouffle/Whouf...by Chelsea
I assume you most likely know me because of my "Soufflés That Got Burnt" one shot book. Those stories were all from 2014, the cringe era of my life. So now, I...
Whouffle: Dearly Beloved by raggedyman11
Whouffle: Dearly Belovedby Alex Melling
A story in which the Doctor confesses his true love to Clara and many things happen....
WHOUFFLE WEEK 2020 by memelovescaps
WHOUFFLE WEEK 2020by memelovescaps
Fics for the Whouffle Week 2020, from 23rd November until the 30th November of 2020, to show how much we love the Doctor and Clara together. Every day there were two pr...