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FINE ∘ MARAUDERSby planta!
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Stilinski's Sister // L.D.  by _AwkwardAuthor
Stilinski's Sister // L.D. by ♡ jay ♡
Kylie Stilinski, two year younger sister of Stiles Stilinski, comes back to her home after being sent to Iechan House for six years. She doesn't speak about why she left...
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My Life by TillyValentine
My Lifeby VanillaCupcake
After her abusive dad left her paralyzed,2 year old Lucy Martin is in recovery at the hospital where it is confirmed that her spine was spilt in half. She feels nothing...
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glitter force- wolf by Halongenecker23
glitter force- wolfby Halongenecker23
shadow is a wolf loving girl who fallows every move of the wolf, she obeys and fallows how wolf laws work. one day, she finds her friends fighting a ....
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If she had vervain by RaeganSomerhalder
If she had vervainby Rwess06
This is my first fanfic so sorry if its not that great I hope you like it. This story is about how Elena was wearing vervain the night Damon compelled her to forget meet...
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Regret Rejection by ivybeaney
Regret Rejectionby Erin
"I, Archer Langley, reject, you, Summer Walters, as my mate." When Summer Walters, the school nerd, finds her mate, she is over joyed. But then she find...
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Adopted by The Alpha of the shadow pack.  by Slytherin_is_bae
Adopted by The Alpha of the shadow...by Slytherin_is_bae
Hi my name is Shadow and I'm 3 I was recently abandoned by my parents well I thought they were my parents but I was adopted after 5 days in the awful orphanage by werewo...
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Szyderczy los || Theo Reaken by NewtieSangster
Szyderczy los || Theo Reakenby Mrs. Reaken
Zemsta, rządza władzy, pragnienie. Jedno miejsce, jedna chwila, jeden zbieg okoliczności. Ręce splamione krwią niewinnych. Poczucie wyjątkowości potrafi doprowadzić czło...
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Fire Queen by bellarke250
Fire Queenby bellarke250
Read to find out
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Broken Wings Don't Save Lives (venom x reader x Spiderman) by Dragon_gril506
Broken Wings Don't Save Lives (ven...by ᙢᗝﬡᔕTᙓᖇ
Broken wings don't save lives is a story about you a MONSTER who was born in a lab and taken from your normal mom and tested on. You turned into a mutant wolf/demon ani...
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An Alpha As My MATE!! by Ash403
An Alpha As My MATE!!by Jaidyn But I Like Ash Better
Meet Ash she is a 17 year old girl,She lives with her pack She has 2 sibling a slutty sister a brother she is know as a Badass! She gose to Northern High a school for Wh...
The Snakes Scales by mariah3456789
The Snakes Scalesby mariah s.
Started -july 9th 2019 He isn't how I remembered. The little boy that I saw inside of him all those years ago has vanished. To be replaced by malice and hatred. Is this...
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Wolf Bite; the Green Guardian (Rewriting Discontinued) by k237lulu13
Wolf Bite; the Green Guardian (Rew...by Kailey
(Book #1) Complete. Meet Anjela, a normal 14 year old girl who's moved to Wolf Hill, a quiet but dangerous place to be. After going to her new school for the first time...
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Monster falls by obviously_dopper
Monster fallsby obviously_dopper
Dipper is part deer wow this is in dipper's prospective k pls read this!
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So..... i guess I Love You? by Elisabeth_9_8
So..... i guess I Love You?by Elizabeth Marianne Rodriguez
Anna is a fifteen yr old girl who is kidnapped by a stranger who claims he is a wolf but also her mate will she accept him or reject him for the new dark haired stranger...
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The School Of Magic, Mischief, And Love. Oh, And Did I Mention Werewolves... by HEARTxBROOKENx
The School Of Magic, Mischief, And...by Amy
Juliet, a troubled teen with an abusive parent, if that's what you would even call him, finds out she is a part of a magical world. She discovers she has all of these un...
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Mate (wearwolf fiction) by Directioner2684
Mate (wearwolf fiction)by Directioner2684
Characters; Taylor Violet Kasey Stephen Cassie Alex Brady Mike Age: Taylor: 18 Violet: 19 Kasey: 19 Stephen: 20 Cassie: 19 Alex: 17 Brady: 20 Mike: 21 :-) Taylor> h...
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