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The Blood Spilled by cloversraven
The Blood Spilledby Samantha
What happens when four kids go out into the woods to find another half of a dead body?
Supernatural's life by ValWasTak3n
Supernatural's lifeby ValWasTak3n
----------- Y/n = Your Name ;) ----------- IT'S THE FIRST STORY I EVER WROTE :) ----------- I hope you enjoy, because I really tried :D -----------
Twilight - Movie Facts by Rusher2809
Twilight - Movie Factsby Jess2607
Random fun facts about a highly famous movie saga. That involves vampires, werewolves and humans😉. (Updates every Wednesday and Sunday)
Tonks by whitehunterwolf
Tonksby Ava Arreola
In The Blood: A HalfWorld Novel by TheBelleDame
In The Blood: A HalfWorld Novelby The Belledame
A young girl is missing. Her lover is brutally murdered. The answers lie in the twilit demi monde of the fairground - as alluring and strange as it is deadly. All over N...
A Love Without Time (Remus Lupin) by ThatPunkEmily
A Love Without Time (Remus Lupin)by Emily Winchester
*From 1975-1998* *Switching POV Story* From 1975-1998, follow the love story of Eloise Greene and Remus Lupin. From their last few years at Hogwarts into adulthood. Duri...
Royals In Disguise by SamikshaAgarwal927
Royals In Disguiseby Samiksha Agarwal
"I despise you." "Sorry for him. He does not really blend." with that Ben left after his so called brother. ___________________________________ Wand...
ENTWINED || 얽힌 || 𖧵×𖧵 by _roselie_
ENTWINED || 얽힌 || 𖧵×𖧵by •𝒓𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒆́•
"You know what I'm capable of, love. Then what makes you think that I won't kill you?" I spoke softly. I t-trust you. We're soulmates. You'll never kill me,&q...
The Badass Mated To The Alpha by Ania_mugiwara
The Badass Mated To The Alphaby Ania_mugiwara
One strict boarding school in england One hell stunning of a spitfire that breaks all the rules of the school 10 new exchange student A new pack in town Their Alpha is m...
My Forever Love (Edward Cullen) by MayaM51
My Forever Love (Edward Cullen)by Maya
Edward Cullen Fan fiction. This story takes place during New Moon. This story is going to be about Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Ray Mikaelson, a 18 year old girl. Edwar...
Bound to you [ON HOLD] by Angelicdamsel
Bound to you [ON HOLD]by Habeebah temilorun
"I hate you and you should know that" she said fuming with rage. "You can't stay away from me" he replied but his voice was calm. Emily knew it was...
THE SUPREME ALPHA (she-wolf)kim Taehyung Ff by e5hwar1
THE SUPREME ALPHA (she-wolf)kim Ta...by Eshwari Khobare
Y/n a normal girl of busan ....is engaged with her daily routine ... she one day decides to go camping in forest alone but for her surprise she just gets lost and enters...
The dark wood by OGW0724
The dark woodby
21 year old Katherine Adams finds herself trapped in a dark forest with her friends when they suddenly get taken one by one. She meets werewolf alpha, Noah Blake who hel...
Y/N's life🥺🥰😘😝😍🤩🤪🤞 by Boneythinthin
Y/N's life🥺🥰😘😝😍🤩🤪🤞by Boneythinthin official
Y/N is 0'7 and 23 pounds💀, we're just getting into how her life is and the dumb shit she does because she's a dumbass😭😭😭 Started Friday September 10th 2021
MONSTERS    ▏︎MALIA TATE by gihlbert
I Am One  by Teenwolfmk55
I Am One by Makayla
Lycaon "Kian" Simmons is your average teenager, well... besides the fact that he's a werewolf. Kian Simmons was a born werewolf, orphaned by the Hale house fi...
Order of Azure by worldofLala
Order of Azureby Lala F.
SEQUEL TO THE PACT After Maya defeated the Rogue tribe's General Mal, all the white wolves have vanished . As peace settles between territory lines , a certain round of...
What it takes to be a White Wolf by Jo_Zaveri
What it takes to be a White Wolfby Josette Zaveri💙🖤
" You're gonna lose Vanderbilt," he said playfully with a smirk on his face. " Game on King," I said while getting out of the empty classroom. This...
Not Yours by AJ_2810
Not Yoursby AJ
Amy Jean is as normal as any foster 18 year old girl will be. She is just trying to get through high school with no trouble and no drama. Which is hard for an almost 300...
We're meant to be || girlxgirl  by _onlyforever_
We're meant to be || girlxgirl by _onlyforever_
"Isn't this nice?" Said a female who stood behind Hannah with a smirk. "For a place to die." And before Hannah could ran, she was grab and pin agains...