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𝐒𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞  by Jeon_jungkook_1890
𝐒𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 by 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚
Little did Han Mi-Joon knew that someone has been waiting for her. Ever since she moved to Secret Moon University everything slowly changed in her life!! What will happe...
Not Another Love Story by xoLadyA
Not Another Love Storyby Ana-Maria Lungu
Jenifer Lamcaster is on her happy way to success. Until her restaurant is the crime scene of an attack with a missing body and lots of blood. Is she freaking out? Of cou...
A Path To you by KilldieAckerman
A Path To youby Killdie Ackerman
A girl who enjoys to be alone not wanting everyone's attention. Trixie is a simple girl who has no care of what would other people's think of her for as she firmly beli...
Werewolf?? by ty_omoyeni
Werewolf??by Omoyeni Toyosi
A werewolf story where we dive into the life of a teenage girl and what her teenage days and more have set for her. With her, we go through the joy rides and sadness war...
She Lost by Rhee0704
She Lostby Kim Rhee Hyan
Dhae Sy got lost in the middle of the forest while on camping. There University announced that all the students will have a camp in wolf's forest in one week. And the s...
•|MY TRUE BLOOD|• by taekookie__hashi
•|MY TRUE BLOOD|•by Hashini Ayodya
Taekook werewolf 💚💜
Pawesome Awards 2022 by ash17donovan
Pawesome Awards 2022by Ash Donovan
Open [😺] Judging [🤓] Welcome to Pawesome Book Awards! We only have 3 special categories that are still OPEN for participants: 🐼 Best Protagonist 💑 Best Couple 💋...
breeder  by warriorkitten123
breeder by warriorkitten123
Elana is the only female in her werewolf pack and therefore she must act as a breeder for them as well as service them all sexually, this was her life and she was happy...
The Chosen Wolf by tinyleopard20
The Chosen Wolfby Demio
After Morris Johnson was bitten by a werewolf during pregnancy,she gives birth to a baby boy whose mere existence turns out to be the fulfillment of an age long prophecy...
Bittersweet Revenge by AzzaleaWrites
Bittersweet Revengeby Klementh Jon Gravador
Tricia Peyton wanted happiness in her life but it seems fate is so cruel to her, being abused and rejected is not on her bucket list, running away was her solution and p...
Luz the.....Werewolf? by TheOwlHouseFan123
Luz the.....Werewolf?by Anonymous
Luz was wandering through the woods, unknowingly being followed by something. That 'something' flips her life upside down. (Cover art is not mine) I also do not own The...
Return of the monkey king by HamaltonSithole
Return of the monkey kingby Hamalton Sithole
Hensui, a rank E student is awarded the monkey system and everything about him changes from that moment Join him on this adventure as he uncovers the mysteries of the gr...
Redemption of love for the unwanted mate [zeenunew] by nhucaron
Redemption of love for the unwante...by bb
Nunew is born by both beta parent, he have been sure about being presented as a beta as well but things turn up to be unexpectedly and him being present as omega male on...
howled by the full black moon by berrytinyz
howled by the full black moonby Esined Zetroc
Isang maka pangyarihang alpha na matagal nang nais makakita o makita Ang kanyang mate dahil daang daang taon na nito gustong makita Ang kanyang mate pero kahit anong ga...
LUNAMOVAS (TAEKOOK) by _94minimonimoo95_
LUNAMOVAS (TAEKOOK)by _94minimonimoo95_
The one who wished to live in the moon and another who was protected by the moon. They came from Two different worlds but they mostly yearned for one thing....... the ni...
Salvatore's Legacy by RavenClaw356
Salvatore's Legacyby RavenClaw356
Aaron Salvatore and Hope Mikaelson. They were a force that should never be challenged. They were the best of friends since their dads were best friends. After Hope's dad...
Fallen by Theoclane
Fallenby Theoclane
Alone and broken a young man, well atleast he is young by his standards, has been tasked with taking care of a child. He has no idea what he is about to get himself into...
Fᥲᥒtᥲsiᥲ-  Sneaked in an Human by XxWolfieAngelxX
Fᥲᥒtᥲsiᥲ- Sneaked in an Humanby Ivy Foxfire
Princess Drusilla of the Vampires is a young 13-year old paving her way into the world. She receives a letter that changes her life. The letter invites her to a Supernat...
Shadows Of The Past by Chocolatesandbooks
Shadows Of The Pastby Darcey Sherwood
After centuries of roaming the world, Katherine Westwood had established a home. However, threats lurked on every corner. Betrayals from the most unexpected lot and her...