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adopted by a Werewolf by books_of_Lily
adopted by a Werewolfby Lily
Izzy zit al sinds haar tweede in een weeshuis. haar ouders zijn onbekend en geen enkel gezin heeft haar langer dan een maand bij zich gehad. Als Izzy voor de zoveelste k...
enemy by jiminslostmilk
enemyby jimin
vampire and werewolves are enemies will always be enemies, but what happens when true blood (the leader/strongest of the vampire) and the alpha (the leader/strongest of...
The Mating Ceremony by reesanou
The Mating Ceremonyby Anouk
*Warning* Might contain sexual content and also contains cursing '' A huge midnight black wolf stands above me, baring his teeth and growling in my face. He is basicall...
Impossible (DUTCH) by TheMoonStoleIt
Impossible (DUTCH)by TheMoonStoleIt
"The murderer stared past Rosalie's shoulder at me, its gaze more focused than any newborn creature's gaze should be." "Warm brown eyes, the color of milk...
The Maze Girl- MazexTeenwolf by MazexTeenwolf
The Maze Girl- MazexTeenwolfby Celest
So you maybe know the Maze Runner? Or atleast the Maze from Maze Runner? This is a story about a brave lovly girl named Celest She been her whole life in the Maze, atle...
Voltron weerwolf au by Luckycats56
Voltron weerwolf auby The Devil cate
Niko weerwolf Paladin au Disclaimer::::: I only own the plot and OC's
The games random info by nouckie12
The games random infoby 🍂 nouckie 🍂
gewoon random stuf over the games dingen uitleggen personages schetsen random dingen en zo
Wat ben ik? (Weerwolf) by _Alex_cosplay_
Wat ben ik? (Weerwolf)by _Alex_cosplay_
Door jou idee in de reacties te plaatsen word dit verhaal gevormd. Volg wel a.u.b. De regels.
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the book traveler by Essybooklover
the book travelerby Essybooklover
what if one day your entire world changed? what if all the stories are true in one way or an other? what if time travel was possible? and what if that world was hidden f...
Something Like Me (SLM) by hopegoodrich_
Something Like Me (SLM)by Hope
Bryce has been with-out a mother since the age of ten. When his abusive father says that he has to go to boarding school he runs away with his friend Nick to go find his...
UNKNOWN by SusanvandenB10
De Spaanse Alise Silva voelt zich na een jaar studeren in Utrecht eindelijk thuis. Niets lijkt meer mis te kunnen gaan als haar tweede jaar haar goed af gaat, ze een leu...
Big Bad Wolf by TheEternalHunters
Big Bad Wolfby TheEternalHunters
A story About my original character "Nathan", A teenage boy who hates rules and his supernatural secret.
Work of a monster (complete) by booksaboutlife
Work of a monster (complete)by booksaboutlife
Alex is a 16 year old girl that lives in a small village in the United states of America. Together with her best friend Tyler she faces challenges no normal teenager sho...
Wolf Wave by xxx-saartje-xxx
Wolf Waveby Sarah
Het begon allemaal zo onschuldig ... Hoofdstukken van ongeveer 100 woorden
Her enemy, her mate by nootjesss
Her enemy, her mateby nootjesss
She is an future alpha He is an vampire Her pack captures his family But what if they're mates? Ps. This is my first story so it probably isnt gonna be very good Copyri...