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Light Shadows • Alec Lightwood by Not-Mundane
Light Shadows • Alec Lightwoodby Grace
'She's been through hell and came out an angel. You didn't break her, darling. You don't own that kind of power.' {Shadowhunters} [Season 1 + Season 2] • Highest ranki...
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Chained (Malec) [Completed] by Rexania
Chained (Malec) [Completed]by Rexania
Alec is being kidnapped by a certain warlock. He tries to find out the reaons behind his captivity and starts to feel strange things towards his kidnapper. Could that be...
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Shadowhunter- Fanfiction by Johannalovefantasy
Shadowhunter- Fanfictionby Johanna B
A girl named Luna are face an another world and her life turned upside down. Magical things happens her and she is more then she think she is.
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A Hope from Heaven by TeaHouseQueens
A Hope from Heavenby Tea Queens
Aleksandr has been searching for his female for as long as he could. He is willing to go to the ends of the earth and even above it to find her. Esperanza had a boring l...
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Reflections of Light by Izzicle
Reflections of Lightby Izzicle
A Mortal instruments fanfic Fifth installment of the 'Reflections of Night' series. Entered into the 2019 Watty Awards
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Engaged to the Enemy ↠ Lightwood by girlmoregirl
Engaged to the Enemy ↠ Lightwoodby Rory
A rivalry between two families is always unattractive. The Lightwood's were always on the top with their loyalty and boldness. The Ravenwood's were on the top too, with...
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BAD BLOOD // Raphael Santiago by cloudberriesblanco
BAD BLOOD // Raphael Santiagoby cloudberriesblanco
She used to answer to the name Mrs. Santiago but now she was just Octavia Rivers. Just like she used to be. Arrogant, cunning and sarcastic. But she knew what she want...
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Reflections of Night by Izzicle
Reflections of Nightby Izzicle
A shadowhunters fanfiction. Set after City of heavenly fire. "What...What are you?." It whispered in a hoarse voice. "You fight like a shadowhunter, but y...
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Heart By Heart by cc-riley
Heart By Heartby Cecilia Riley
Lucien Lovelace has grown up in the New Orleans Institute as a rebellious being known as a Shadowhunter. Aside from a few demons peddling mundane blood, not much ever ha...
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Reflections of Mist by Izzicle
Reflections of Mistby Izzicle
A Mortal Instruments fanfiction. Fourth in the Reflections of night series.
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Reflections of Dawn by Izzicle
Reflections of Dawnby Izzicle
A Mortal instruments fanfiction. The third installment of the 'Reflections of Night' series. Sebastian is evil again. kind of. Nyx is also having some 'issues'. Sort of...
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Reflections of Stars by Izzicle
Reflections of Starsby Izzicle
A Mortal instruments fanfiction. Sequel to 'Reflections of night'. Nyx stiffled a gasp. "Oh my god, I think I broke you." Nyx may think she's done with the Cav...
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The Third Morgenstern➰ by james4242
The Third Morgenstern➰by leah😌✌🏼
Alessandra Fray is the youngest daughter of Jocelyn Fray and Valentine Morgenstern. For forever she thought her father was dead and that her family was completely boring...
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Hells Prince: Simon Lewis/ Lovelace by DatRagnorak
Hells Prince: Simon Lewis/ Lovelaceby Joshua Godley
Set a few years after Shadowhunter Academy. Simon is a Shadowhunter, he is with Izzy, he has a parabatai with Clary. He feels complete. But within the world that has bot...
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Charade by MissSophieMarie
Charadeby - sophie -
When Shadowhunter, Clary Fairchild, finally gets intel that her mundane best friend, Simon, has a crush on her, tensions run high. In fear that rejection would lead to t...
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The Birdcage by Izzicle
The Birdcageby Izzicle
A Spin-off book from my fanfiction, Reflections of Light about Nyx's time in the psychiatric ward. A bit of a spooky one off adventure I couldn't justify working into th...
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We go from here by Allie_enigma
We go from hereby Alice 💖
During the party of 3x22, Jace Herondale slips away to find Clary Fairchild, demon hunter and love of his life. When he opens his bedroom door, he finds that it's not Cl...
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Soulless by EmbracingYou
Soullessby EmbracingYou
Adriana Crest's kind can walk the line between life and death, but to do that, they must die. Adriana always knew she was different; she could see what others couldn't. ...
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Malec One-Shots by Audi_Hess
Malec One-Shotsby Audi Hess
Just a bunch of trashy stories about my OTP Malec, from Shadowhunters The Mortal Instruments! I myself do not own Shadowhunters or any of the characters. That right goe...
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Hunting In Black #3 -Shadowhunters&Downworlders by a-little-Jane
Hunting In Black #3 Brogan Lane
A murderous cult has formed, and it is up to the Shadowhunters and the help of their Downworlder friends, to stop them before it is too late. New characters appear and o...
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