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Saiki Kusuo One-Shots by -sonyeonjams
Saiki Kusuo One-Shotsby suga luvr
will be heavily revamping soon (no lemons) !requests are closed! Disclaimer: I do not own Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, as well as the characters. Credits to the dude who made...
naruto smuts ~ by sxftv_
naruto smuts ~by sxftv :)
#1 in weeb! agh ily guys sm :) 21.05.20 ~ Reader X whatever character i use lol sometimes character X character smuts, fluffs, lemons & more ;) requests ? leave comment...
Haikyuu x reader ➳ ONE SHOTS by Kairizx
Haikyuu x reader ➳ ONE SHOTSby Kai
Welcome to Paradise, my children, this is where we stack your author's Imaginitive mind. And we have everything here, including things you will never need but Love. ➳ Le...
~Jujutsu Kaisen-One shots~ by Wildragon106
~Jujutsu Kaisen-One shots~by Wildragon106
Holiday project *cover created by myself* Begun - November 21st 2020 Completed - Achievements - 22 #randomstories (27/11/20)
Blue Exorcist (Rin X Reader) by teenagejuicebag
Blue Exorcist (Rin X Reader)by Teenage Juice Bag
// I don't own the cover photo for this story. You join the True Cross Academy and was put into the cram school. Weird things have been happening and you think that one...
"I'm sorry" || Shouto Todoroki ✔ by zenayapevensie
"I'm sorry" || Shouto Todoroki ✔by zєηαуα
(Y/N) Yagi had a happy family, but ever since her mother is a villain, she kept wanting (Y/n) to be a villain. But (Y/n) only wanted to be a hero. She tried to make frie...
Windwalker: Female Creepypastas x Male Vigilante Reader by Nopalope24
Windwalker: Female Creepypastas x...by NoodlyNoodle
There was more to Y/N's life than just introversion and social anxiety. Believe it or not, something; sinister kept this hormonal 18-year-old occupied all these dark yea...
Blue Exorcist (Rin X reader) 2 by teenagejuicebag
Blue Exorcist (Rin X reader) 2by Teenage Juice Bag
This is part 2 of the first "Blue Exorcist (Rin X reader)". It seemed like a lot of people liked that story and someone suggested a sequel... I never thought a...
My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elric X Reader] by mamab0zz
My Heart Beats For You [Edward Elr...by hi cutie 💗
From the moment you were born, you were loved unconditionally. Your mother - the one who loved you and stood by you since day one. Your father - a studying state alchemi...
Thorns and Roses | A ZoroMiku Story by mamallama01
Thorns and Roses | A ZoroMiku Storyby p a n o t
This is a story focusing on the blooming emotions of Zorome and Miku, while the entire Squad 13 reside in a boarding school with strict regulations. So, how do the peopl...
Smile!! // Sugawara x Reader by ninasama_
Smile!! // Sugawara x Readerby Nina
You're a Third Year at Karasuno High, you've always liked the boy who sits next to you but you've never had the courage to admit it to him. One way day when he's in need...
Oh Tetsurō... by sh3llyy_
Oh Tetsurō...by sh3llyy_
You and Tetsurō Kuroo have been best friends ever since you two were 5. But when you turned 10, you were diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease. You have been getting tr...
Finn's Best Friend// Jaeden Martell x Reader by JmiHablo
Finn's Best Friend// Jaeden Martel...by jaymiee826
Hey guys, this is my first story sorry if it is messed up or something so yeah. This is a Jaeden Martell x Reader in which y/n is the best friend of Finn Wolfhard and ha...
Why Haven't We Met? (Dr.Stein Fanfic) by xxbloodymessxx
Why Haven't We Met? (Dr.Stein Fanf...by DJ Bee
Stella was one of the highest ranking students in the Soul Eater academy. When one final battle ruins her chances and causes her to drop out. 12 years later she finds he...
I'm a Girl are you Kidding me!: reincarnated as a Girl  by yukipotato
I'm a Girl are you Kidding me!: re...by Potato user
Murano Hoshizora a 17 year old high schooler, An school shootings occurred and then he died... or is it, murano opened his eyes and found himself in another world with h...
Saiki x Reader Love blossoms with coffee jelly  by my_heichou_love
Saiki x Reader Love blossoms with...by Levi4life
Coffee jelly loving psychics Uum this is my first story I have ever written. My days are hectic and stuff but I will update (or at least try to the best of my ability) e...
I Am Kira (Light x L)  by Kaoru_Hitachiin04
I Am Kira (Light x L) by Kaoru Hitachiin
L is suspicious of Light being Kira so what does he do? He keeps a 24 hour surveillance by handcuffing himself to Light to see how he murders. Everyone thinks L's got th...
A Smile Too Distant (Rengoku x Reader) || Kimetsu No Yaiba by Alexxlexx
A Smile Too Distant (Rengoku x Rea...by ✨sir alexx da weeb✨
Rengoku Kyojuro had come to the real world! But sadly, you aren't all lovey dovey like what you had expected. Instead, you're filled with heartache and bitter tears as y...
Anime Wallpapers/ Pfps by emilylephan
Anime Wallpapers/ Pfpsby i have no idea.
This is just a book of mostly anime wallpapers (and pfps) that I found online and some of them I made. This mainly isn't a shop but if you wanna request something/someon...
Back To You || Shouto Todoroki - SEQUEL ✔ by zenayapevensie
Back To You || Shouto Todoroki - S...by zєηαуα
College appeared, (Y/n) was found, their only hope now is to make the world peaceful. -💖💫💖- (Note; This is OLD. I am not planning on rewriting or edit any of these ch...