Lubbock X Reader: A Flirt To Be, A Lover To Stay

Lubbock X Reader: A Flirt To Be, A Lover To Stay

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lubbock By lubbofemperv Updated Mar 11, 2016

Lubbock x reader 

It was _______ first time being member of night raid and she enjoyed meeting the members except for one... Lubbock.

_____ p.o.v.

" heyyy ______" lubbo said to me while i was on my way to the bathroom to take a shower. " come on _____ , you won't ignore me forever are you?" lubbo asked me again until leone came and said " aw lubbo... i thought you had a major crush on najenda" lubbo then started to stutter trying to find the perfect excuse so i just went to the bathroom until i heard the talking stop and also when i finish taking a shower.

lubbo p.o.v.

i tried talking to ____ for the ....fourth time and i don't know if she dislikes me or i smell or i am straight up sexy for her not being able to talk to me but something about her is really attractive. she has normal boobs and everything but something about her attracts me. i shall find out! 

tatsumi p.o.v.

i think i have a tiny crush on _____, i just have to get to know her before trying to make a move.......