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ICT ONE-SHOTS (FRIENDSHIP) by bleedblue2011
Random friendship one shots on our favourite ICT members
Love Always Wins || Book 2 of Love Series by PurnimaNarain
Love Always Wins || Book 2 of Love...by Purnima Narain
Cover credit - IamSumayya Highest ranking - #2 multiple times They were different in thoughts...they were different in opinions...they were diff...
It's an alter situation where Jassi and Rahul are going through a difficult patch in thier lives where they have to choose between thier elder brothers and best friends...
He is my cheeku always.... by Prahatikakrishnan
He is my cheeku always....by Prahatika
About Rohirat,mahirat This amazing cover by @Niyati25
They Are Meant To Be ! by Djwrites07
They Are Meant To Be !by Dheeraj
"I keep staring into his eyes and I just press my lips against his. He takes a moment to reciprocate but once he does, he deepens the kiss. I shouldn't actually be...
HULRAT ONESHOTS (Virat-Rahul stories) by bleedblue2011
HULRAT ONESHOTS (Virat-Rahul stori...by Neha Srivastav
Every pair in the ICT is cute. Well, almost. KulCha was the cutest, I used to think till recently. But no bond in this whole world is nicer than Hulrat 💕
Stuck With You❣️ by ArshitaVirley11
Stuck With You❣️by ArshitaV
'They say that the person you fight with the most is the one you love the most!' They didn't have a "normal" relationship. They teased each other They play hit...
Kavi Love And CID ✅ by LiviaZoey
Kavi Love And CID ✅by kesava
Guys!! This story is about Kavi, the most amazing couple in Cid. I know that the first chapter is some what boring. But as they say '' don't judge a book by it's cover&q...
My Little Sunshine by AhanaSHaven_04
My Little Sunshineby Ahana
"Mom! My baby is stolen!! She is just pretending!!! She is infertile!!!" I shouted, trying to stop my tears from spilling. "Shut up, Priya!! You can't j...
Ishq bulava... by Prahatikakrishnan
Ishq bulava...by Prahatika
This super duper cover by my keer...❤️❤️❤️❤️...@kiran1209... A Tale of love ,pain, heartbreak and passion.. You know he loved you.... I know,I saw it... I saw it in the...
The Heart Wants What It Wants by JanakiS01
The Heart Wants What It Wantsby Janaki
Anjali and Vamsi have been best friends for more than a decade. In their last semesters of B.Tech, all they want to do is complete their final project and fly to states...
The social media mishap chronicles  by _Ahankara_
The social media mishap chronicles by _Ahankara_
"In which Kulya mistakes a 56," Ahankara can't beileve her luck, Neha doesn't even know why she is friends with them. And Tani and Siri are totally unaware of...
kaira-the love  of my life  by shelza05
kaira-the love of my life by shelza
hello peoples! so I'm here to entertain u with my story.. this story is fill with full of romance, drama and abt love birds hope u all like it ? it's my first story so...
That Marriage  by AaradhyaSinghania
That Marriage by Aaradhya Singhania
Priya never knew that she would be the bride... Meet Lasya Priya, a 22 year old calm sensible girl who is a lawyer. And Rahul, a 24 year old business man billionaire who...
Strangled love ❤︎ by rainbow_sweety10
Strangled love ❤︎by Anonymous
Peep in to know In collaboration with @Abhikhyaaa Cover credit @rainbow_sweety10
Avneil Love??? by bhumiii-123
Avneil Love???by bhumika
this story is about avni and neil . where in avni is a college going girl Neil a police officer . This revolve around their fight, care, love etc Highest rank 31/12/20...
Tables will Turn by Praahi
Tables will Turnby Praahi
Cover by @awesomeshivu Nothing is permanent- not fame, not money. Everything has its own expiry date and one small situation is enough to turn the tables and make as wel...
Home Sick || Kl Rahul (on hold?) by kthclub
Home Sick || Kl Rahul (on hold?)by t⁷
Nuha has always loved Rahul from far. He's the most caring person she has ever met, he is kind, smart, talented and loves Apoorva more than anything else. Change of ev...
Brothers In Arm by siri_reddy
Brothers In Armby siri_reddy
For all those who love Mahi-Yuvi... You will love this book... And for all those who don't know them... You will start loving them... Give it a try...
RIVALS by ict_fanfics
RIVALSby ict_fanfics
"When I want to do something, I do it and and make sure that I prove myself as the best." "Its the best you are playing with here." Its the rivalry...