Friendly Skies by smidorii
Friendly Skiesby Stephanie Midorii
(The Taking Risks Series - Book 2) Mimi Bennett has just had the most memorable summer of her life, filled with drama, love (and heartbreak), and a whole lot of fun. Now...
  • youngadult
  • fiction
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The Fault in our Stars: A Sequel by isabelle1994
The Fault in our Stars: A Sequelby isabelle1994
//This is not The Fault in our Stars by John Green, it is a fanfiction. All copyright belongs to John Green and the Penguin Young Readers Group. This book contains spoil...
  • augustus
  • pregnancy
  • teen
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Daughter Of Deatheaters {Dramione} by bri_anne_waters
Daughter Of Deatheaters {Dramione}by Bri-anne Waters
She is the twin sister of Blaise Zabini, bestfriend to Harry Potter and the girlfriend of Draco Malfoy. In her 7th year, an unexpected pregnancy, betrayal, lies revealed...
  • bri-anne
  • dramione
  • waters
Dangerous Love • Kol Mikaelson by bri_anne_waters
Dangerous Love • Kol Mikaelsonby Bri-anne Waters
》He saw the darkness in her beauty; she saw the beauty in his darkness《 || Apart, they were dangerous; but together they were worse. ||
  • bri-anne
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  • waters
Syd Barrett and Roger Waters imagines by Fucking_Little_Bell
Syd Barrett and Roger Waters imagi...by ThinWhiteBitch
Its in the title... enjoy😂
  • imagines
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  • syd
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A Spark Of Hope by wiltdhoughts
A Spark Of Hopeby Me.kay.la
" What are you doing?" Cole asked. "Writing my story. You gotta make it worth it, you know!" Brook Roella Waters knows life as cruel, morbid and grue...
  • love
  • belief
  • life
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Mikaelson Twin • TVD by bri_anne_waters
Mikaelson Twin • TVDby Bri-anne Waters
Evelyn Mikaelson is the twin sister of Kol Mikaelson. Daggered after trying to undagger two of her siblings, Evelyn has been daggered for three centuries and has finally...
  • bri-anne
  • tvd
  • waters
pink floyd || imagines by StuartPottymouth
pink floyd || imaginesby ♤ baby blue ♤
A heap of Pink Floyd imagines for people to read. Don't be afraid to send in ideas for imagines you would like to see!
  • rickwright
  • nickmason
  • rick
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Waters Rising by EveIsAKawaiiCookie
Waters Risingby Eve Carlisle
They called it the siren effect. Millions of girls, young and old all disappearing into the water without a trace. They said it was a chemical in the atmosphere that cau...
  • wave
  • rising
  • eveisakawaiicookie
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He tried stopping her, she didn't listen. Instead she chose to leave. Now, she's the one he can't forget. The one he can't live without. He's broken and she's the only o...
  • heart
  • secretlove
  • broken
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The Mermaid Human by Yuno94541
The Mermaid Humanby Yuno Gasai
This is a story about a girl that's a mermaid but can turn into a human once she's kissed someone on the lips no matter the gender. She can disguise herself as a human w...
  • hair
  • humans
  • girl
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10 Things She Hates About Gendry by AnanasPower01
10 Things She Hates About Gendryby ThePineappleWriter
10 Things I Hate About You, Game of Thrones version. When new student Jon Snow wants to date the beautiful Sansa Stark, his friend Brandon Tully reveals to him that Sans...
  • love
  • eddard
  • snow
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Still Waters by BreeHolthus
Still Watersby itsnotme1998
Jason is a high school student who has grown up to be a fighter. The abuse he's suffered at his father's hands toughened him up so much that he solves more problems with...
  • parsons
  • violince
  • fighting
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~An Imperial Affliction~ by RoseIsBad
~An Imperial Affliction~by Rose
I decided to write "An Imperial Affliction" from the incredible novel/movie "The Fault In Our Stars." I wanted to read Hazel's favorite book so badl...
  • tfios
  • death
  • tulips
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Afterlife (Alaska Young & Augustus Waters by c0caines
Afterlife (Alaska Young & Augustus...by Amanda Celine Eunike
Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars- John Green) and Alaska Young (Looking For Alaska- John Green) met in their afterlife and shared their secrets and memories of th...
  • stars
  • alaska
  • young
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Electric Waters Book One (X-Men) by SnarkyySnekk
Electric Waters Book One (X-Men)by CaptainSnarkyySnekk
Skye and Arazia have been best friends since fourth grade. They lead normal lives until mutant hormones combine with teenage ones, and they get in a fight. Arazia and Sk...
  • action
  • platonic
  • xmen
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The Zabini Twins {Dramione} by bri_anne_waters
The Zabini Twins {Dramione}by Bri-anne Waters
Both the Zabini twins have a special power that no one not even The Dark Lord has. They escape his clutches and make a run for it and find themselves at the salvation of...
  • bri-anne
  • dramione
  • waters
Walls (Eric/OC) [ON HOLD] by Julianna02180
Walls (Eric/OC) [ON HOLD]by ♡°•Julianna•°♡
(Julianna) Max's niece who is Amity born gets a job as a patrol after she ends up first in her class. When she comes back after a year of living off in The Ward, She is...
  • eric
  • waters
  • max
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Naruto Uzumaki "Kōri to mizu to kaze no ōjo no Konohagakure" by VBloodLady
Naruto Uzumaki "Kōri to mizu to ka...by Victoria Lira
Naruto Uzumaki site on the top of Hokage Mountain and start to Sing, as he sing something happened but is good or bad? Naruto is male look like a girl or Crossbreed?. Na...
  • god-like
  • wind-power
  • fairytale
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GOT Imagines by Evyiione
GOT Imaginesby Evyiione
A collection of imagines. I do not own the character, they belong to G.R.R Martin and HBO.
  • stark
  • tyrion
  • bittersweet
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