Friendly Skies by smidorii
Friendly Skiesby Stephanie Midorii
(The Taking Risks Series - Book 2) Mimi Bennett has just had the most memorable summer of her life, filled with drama, love (and heartbreak), and a whole lot of fun. Now...
  • young
  • youngadult
  • roommate
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The Safe Place by 9CorazonesOcultos
The Safe Placeby Cora Z
For the Blackbourne Team, Ashley Waters was just another mission. All they had to do was find the problem, fix the problem, write the report, and leave. It was to be as...
  • sean
  • green
  • ashley
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Dangerous Waters {Dualscar x Slave Reader} by artisticIndividual
Dangerous Waters {Dualscar x Slave...by AI
The human race has been under the enslavement of trolls for sweeps now, and you're unfortunate enough to find yourself caught in the middle of it. You've lost hope of ev...
  • reader
  • dualscar
  • homestuck
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Waters Rising by EveIsAKawaiiCookie
Waters Risingby Eve Carlisle
They called it the siren effect. Millions of girls, young and old all disappearing into the water without a trace. They said it was a chemical in the atmosphere that cau...
  • future
  • eveisakawaiicookie
  • aislinn
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Crazy 4 U (An R5/Ross Lynch fanfic) by Crystal_Heartz_R5
Crazy 4 U (An R5/Ross Lynch fanfic)by Demi
Demetria. Better known as Demi. She went to an R5 concert. A certain someone fell in love with her. Love at first sight, they call it. She was invited I join tour with t...
  • demi
  • lee
  • rydel
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The bull and his she-wolf by JosephineDahlerus
The bull and his she-wolfby Josephine Dahlerus
This will be a fanfiction about my favorite couple in Game of thrones. All situations and so on may have changed from the original story but I am trying to keep it as go...
  • tyrion
  • game
  • lannister
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Do you love me? (the fault in our stars) (Augustus Waters) by Kajsabkb
Do you love me? (the fault in our...by Kajsabkb
it's about a girl named Venus Silver but likes to be called Vee. Her mom and dad named her after the love goddes. but Vee didn't like the name because she didn't belive...
  • shailenewoodley
  • agustus
  • anselelgort
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10 Things She Hates About Gendry by AnanasPower01
10 Things She Hates About Gendryby AnanasPower
10 Things I Hate About You, Game of Thrones version. When new student Jon Snow wants to date the beautiful Sansa Stark, his friend Brandon Tully reveals to him that Sans...
  • prom
  • daenerys
  • oberyn
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pink floyd || imagines by StuartPottymouth
pink floyd || imaginesby ♤ baby blue ♤
A heap of Pink Floyd imagines for people to read. Don't be afraid to send in ideas for imagines you would like to see!
  • gilmour
  • rickwright
  • waters
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Our silent ocean by Mollymae140
Our silent oceanby Molly Mae
Sealife has already begun to fall,they are innocent.Everything people are doing to help stop this is a start but more and more animals everyday are suffering from litter...
  • life
  • sealife
  • hope
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The Zabini Twins {Dramione} by bri_anne_waters
The Zabini Twins {Dramione}by Bri-anne Waters
Both the Zabini twins have a special power that no one not even The Dark Lord has. They escape his clutches and make a run for it and find themselves at the salvation of...
  • bri-anne
  • dramione
  • waters
Afterlife (Alaska Young & Augustus Waters by c0caines
Afterlife (Alaska Young & Augustus...by Amanda Celine Eunike
Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars- John Green) and Alaska Young (Looking For Alaska- John Green) met in their afterlife and shared their secrets and memories of th...
  • fault
  • lookingforalaska
  • johngreen
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The Death By My Own Demise by kpraelia
The Death By My Own Demiseby Katarina Praelia
Highest Rank: #106 planetorplastic #50 swimming The world was changing. The seas were, sadly, as well. The differences hitting the nations had began to disappear as we w...
  • ocean
  • awareness
  • peace
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Walls (Eric/OC) [ON HOLD] by Julianna02180
Walls (Eric/OC) [ON HOLD]by ♡°•Julianna•°♡
(Julianna) Max's niece who is Amity born gets a job as a patrol after she ends up first in her class. When she comes back after a year of living off in The Ward, She is...
  • broken
  • max
  • juliannawaters
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Tous ensemble // pink floyd (r.w + s.b) by Stockholm1112
Tous ensemble // pink floyd (r.w +...by M&L
Jugez-en à la couverture.
  • davidgilmour
  • rogerwaters
  • crackfic
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Oblivion by AFallenAngel121
Oblivionby Rachel
'You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you' Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Their love story is one fo...
  • waters
  • cancer
  • augustus
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~An Imperial Affliction~ by RoseIsBad
~An Imperial Affliction~by Rose
I decided to write "An Imperial Affliction" from the incredible novel/movie "The Fault In Our Stars." I wanted to read Hazel's favorite book so badl...
  • tfios
  • agustus
  • childhood
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Afloat by deliriouslyyours
Afloatby 🌻paula🌻
he didn't want to drown...so he stayed afloat. | s e l f - w r i t t e n | highest rank- #227 in poetry
  • loss
  • troubles
  • kiss
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Angel by TigerLilly5
Angelby Lilly
Belle was currently at a crisis point in her life. Current events caused her to become stressed and isolated. These same events all led her to meet Harry. Harry; a stran...
  • waters
  • zayn
  • romance
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