The Secret of Moonacre - SECRECY by Bastilly14
The Secret of Moonacre - SECRECYby Tilly Radwell
After the ending of Maria and Moonacre, Maria sets out to do everything she can to make the valley once again a happy thriving place and to fix up her relationship with...
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FUNNY JOKES by ItsOkayNow03
FUNNY JOKESby ItsOkayNow03
THIS IS A MUST READ, PEOPLE! JOKES, JOKES, AND MORE JOKES! What more could you want? Don't answer that question...
  • augustus
  • hazel
  • tfios
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Fate/Extra [(Red)Saber x FemMC] by Ayahime0
Fate/Extra [(Red)Saber x FemMC]by Nancy Lo
Been wanting to write one for a long time. I just love (Red)Saber too much.
  • germanicus
  • femmc
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Obliged Love- Book 2 (Ongoing)  by SCARLETTANGEL111
Obliged Love- Book 2 (Ongoing) by SCARLETTANGEL
This is story of Adam Augustus- Son of Billionaire Sebastian Augustus. He was obliged to love someone who was forced upon him. How the obliged love changes into selfles...
  • love
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De ortu principatus - Über die Entstehung des Prinzipats by Heinrich_Gaudeka
De ortu principatus - Über die Heinrich_Gaudeka
Herzlich willkommen zu meinem ersten Sachbuch der besonderen Art! In "De ortu principatus" erwartet euch ein historischer Bericht über die Zeit vom Übergang de...
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  • oktavian
  • römischesreich
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Die Tochter des Augustus (Legolas und Tauriel ff) by MiraLove66
Die Tochter des Augustus ( Tauriel Tinúviel
Tauriel Tinúviel, eine junge Elbin.... ein Edelmischblut. Die Nachfahrin Tindomions und Tochter des Augustus. Die Elbin lebt in LothLúthien, den Elben des Lichts. Ihre M...
  • lothlúthien
  • legolas
  • tauriel
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Beyond the Looking Glass by Amy_Rebel99
Charlie and the Chocolate Maria Rainbeau
It's been 2 years since Charlie inherited the factory and 2 years since he and his family lived with Mr. Wonka and his father, Dr. Wonka, in the wonderful Wonka Factory...
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Imagines  by FranziskaHirsch
Imagines by Franziska Hirsch
Lot of imagines, from a lot of people. U r welcome to send requests Not done
  • tom
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The Fault In Our Stars- The Infinity Of Our Stars by Sarah_Lexis123
The Fault In Our Stars- The Sarah_Lexis123
A spin off of the classic novel, "The Fault In Our Stars."
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  • hazel
The Battles of the Great by dreamxblue_
The Battles of the Greatby Blue Dream
I have often wondered if the gods cursed my family for their greatness. Maybe it was doomed to flicker out like a candle in the wind. It always struck me as strange how...
  • love
  • rome
  • fiction
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Charlie and the Chocolate factory roleplay  by Godlovesus77
Charlie and the Chocolate Onceuponanarniangirl
A Willy Wonka roleplay for either the Gene Wilder version or the Johnny Depp version.
  • violet
  • mike
  • goldenticket
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Golden heart ~ Willy Wonka by its_yadisneygirl
Golden heart ~ Willy Wonkaby Miss Beanie
Meet Skylar Bucket a loving individual that is selfless and is passionate. She may act a little weird and to others it may seem strange but to her family it's just who s...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • chocolate
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I'm in love with Colleen (A KorLeen fan fiction) by hftanaid
I'm in love with Colleen (A H. F. Tanaid
7 months after their divorce announcement, Colleen was moving on. Her mother surprised her with a cat she named Augustus. She even got a surprise that she's getting a S...
  • korleen
  • augustus
  • romance
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The Fault In Our Stars by rice_wife
The Fault In Our Starsby
inside the book
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The Fault In Our Stars by dhakshaini
The Fault In Our Starsby Dhaksha
These are some of my favourite parts and quotes from the book and the movie so the versions may be different. All credits go to John Green for giving us this amazing boo...
  • hazel
  • love
  • quotes
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Skycest by Drawinginterest
Skycestby Robyn
Hello, I have returned from my long absence and have started a new story. I may finish the other setodil story, but I haven't been able to think of anything for the plot...
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The ArchGovernor's Son (A Red Rising Fanfiction) by Mustangrr
The ArchGovernor's Son (A Red
My name is Wictoria Au Trachus. I'm the oldest child of Gaius Au Trachus. Once I met a boy who I hated. Somehow that hate turned to love. You know him as Claudius Au Aug...
  • future
  • red
  • redrising
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Mr. Private Investigator and Mrs. Police Officer by JDMLover1996
Mr. Private Investigator and Jeffrey Dean Mogan Lover
Jason Crouse is just looking for some peace and quiet. Having just left Chicago, he wants to forget the things that happened between him and Alicia. But, it seems that t...
  • drugs
  • privateinvestigator
  • oc-lucyolson
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Song Imagines! by Griffonclaw53317
Song Imagines!by CouchPotato
Wierd simple book, but hey...aren't they all?! Hey everyone! This is an Imagines book, but it's not the same as other imagines books you might have read. This book will...
  • peeta
  • newt
  • katniss
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The Fault in Our Stars: If Augustus Lived by JennaMajor9
The Fault in Our Stars: If Uniquejennab
What happens if Augustus lives and hazel has a chance to get a lung transplant? Will she and Augustus have a life together? And what happens when Hazel starts to get sic...
  • gusandhazel
  • augustus
  • thefaultinourstars
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