TBS Imagines by HardCoreNerd2016
TBS Imaginesby Loser#8
Thomas Brodie Sangster. In every way. I'm doing all his characters. I take any ship with him. I take any requests. ANY. So go crazy have fun and don't forget to enjoy!
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Bioshock Series oneshots by Leader_c
Bioshock Series oneshotsby Carly
A variety of The Bioshock series that can have almost anyone ??? I'll write anything guys lol well almost anything I do take requests
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The Fault in our Stars: A Sequel by isabelle1994
The Fault in our Stars: A Sequelby isabelle1994
//This is not The Fault in our Stars by John Green, it is a fanfiction. All copyright belongs to John Green and the Penguin Young Readers Group. This book contains spoil...
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Fandom Stuff {BOOK 1} by OnlyDoritos
Fandom Stuff {BOOK 1}by Toni
I will get you right in the feels, beware >.> I'm just a fangirl, in the fandom world. We can feels and it's not so fantastic. Fanboys are very rare, feels beware...
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Charlie and the Chocolate factory roleplay  by Godlovesus77
Charlie and the Chocolate Onceuponanarniangirl
A Willy Wonka roleplay for either the Gene Wilder version or the Johnny Depp version.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Beyond the Looking Glass by Amy_Rebel99
Charlie and the Chocolate Maria Rainbeau
It's been 2 years since Charlie inherited the factory and 2 years since he and his family lived with Mr. Wonka and his father, Dr. Wonka, in the wonderful Wonka Factory...
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Fate/Extra [(Red)Saber x FemMC] by Ayahime0
Fate/Extra [(Red)Saber x FemMC]by Nancy Lo
Been wanting to write one for a long time. I just love (Red)Saber too much.
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The Fault In Our Stars by dhakshaini
The Fault In Our Starsby Dhaksha
These are some of my favourite parts and quotes from the book and the movie so the versions may be different. All credits go to John Green for giving us this amazing boo...
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Die Legende vom letzten Helden - Teil II: Das zweite Buch des Obadia by Heinrich_Gaudeka
Die Legende vom letzten Helden - Heinrich_Gaudeka
DIE LEGENDE VOM LETZTEN HELDEN ist eine besondere Fanfiction zum Videogame "Suikoden". Sie basiert auf der Idee, dass es die Runen, wie man sie aus Suikoden k...
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Afterlife (Alaska Young & Augustus Waters by c0caines
Afterlife (Alaska Young & Amanda Celine Eunike
Augustus Waters (The Fault In Our Stars- John Green) and Alaska Young (Looking For Alaska- John Green) met in their afterlife and shared their secrets and memories of th...
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Summer Sunsets by _area51
Summer Sunsetsby _area51
Tinitigan ni Blaire ang dagat, the Sun is setting. Her eyes were steady to the horizon the face glows with the last orange rays before twilight beckons the star. Hindi...
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The Battles of the Great by lovelymemory_
The Battles of the Greatby Mnemosyne
I have often wondered if the gods cursed my family for their greatness. Maybe it was doomed to flicker out like a candle in the wind. It always struck me as strange how...
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Night Sky (One shot story) by Elicesxx
Night Sky (One shot story)by Jiyong
Constellations made by my classmates imagination and yours truly.
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