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The Mark of Aether by Tima_R
The Mark of Aetherby Tima_R
Now a wattpad featured story! Highest rank #3 1st-list winner in the Aspiring Author Awards! A winner in the eminence awards! A winner in The Best Books Awards! Reader'...
  • adventure
  • darkmagic
  • theannualwriterawards
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Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON GOING by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | l o r e n i
"He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Because of his crebrous sins, he's bound to live alo...
  • hot
  • mystery
  • werewolf
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Vlad The Impaler by sassyroe
Vlad The Impalerby Samantha Mponela
Count Dracula wakes up after 2000 years and the only thing he wants, desires and yearns for is to find her and make her his ;the woman he had been promised through years...
  • wolves
  • desire
  • witches
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Warrior Cats Roleplay by -scatteredstardust
Warrior Cats Roleplayby chess
The four living Clans are at peace by the Lake once more--only it's five Clans now. SkyClan has left the Gorge due to rats striking again, and they found the Lake with t...
  • yup
  • unlimitedcatsbutkeeptrackofthem
  • treepocalypse
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The Hooded Dragon Rider by Spirit_Bear
The Hooded Dragon Riderby Spirit_Bear
A girl found by a lava pit learns to live with dragons will the leader accept her will she live through it all? Will anyone trust her? She may even encounter humans she...
  • dragon
  • prophecies
  • action
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Fiction to Nonfiction by kyline136
Fiction to Nonfictionby Katrina
Nico di Angelo FF Hi, I'm Katrina, and I'm a HUGE Percy Jackson fan, but my favorite character is Nico di Angelo. I have a big dream, big hopes, big wishes, big fantasie...
  • olympus
  • annabethchase
  • greek
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"Shifter" (Being Rewritten & Edited for Publishing!) by BloodyRoseThorns
"Shifter" (Being Rewritten & E.J. Powell
(Amazing cover done by @renesmeewolfe ) Dragon is a nineteen-year-old orphan, she has a secret that leaves her being the only creature in the entire world. Cats used to...
  • fiction
  • prophecies
  • fantasy
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The Zombie Prophecies by sigrist
The Zombie Propheciesby Adam Sigrist
This is a collection of the three novels that make up The Zombie Prophecies series. Book 1: First Light (Complete!) Book 2: Crusade (Complete!) Book 3: Rebirth (Complete...
  • freethelgbt
  • gay
  • mystery
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Percy Jackson: grandson of Kronos and also Voldermort, yay by XXbluecakeXX
Percy Jackson: grandson of XXbluecakeXX
Percy finds out that his grandfather is Kronos! And voldermort! Yay, best grandfathers ever Note: disclaimer: I am not Rick Riordan or J.K Rowling and I do not own any o...
  • malfoy
  • kronos
  • fanfiction
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Frozen Love and Prophecies by NightmaricReaper
Frozen Love and Propheciesby Queen Demonica of Wolves
Toushiro and the Soul Society are unaware of a looming shadow that has come for vengeance. For the 10th squad captain, it meant a new world of possibilities have been op...
  • toushiro
  • anime
  • fanfiction
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The Prophecy  by DOUGHNUTCARE2365
The Prophecy by DOUGHNUTCARE2365
It started weirdly. One second everything was normal: people were happily chatting and minding their own businesses, and the next... they just disappeared. It was all em...
  • disappearance
  • timeisrunningout
  • prophecies
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Wings of Fire: Cave of The Lost by TheLostDragonet
Wings of Fire: Cave of The Lostby Raven
In a land far from Pyrrhia, where the seven tribes don't know what exists, there are a few tribes in a land. This land is called Rubron. A place full of peace and freedo...
  • adventure
  • fanfic
  • wingsoffire
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Elementum by justme_45
Elementumby Ash
~One will be born Four she shall bind Two of Friendship Two of Love Shall it will be The Aether~ I lived a normal life for a soon to be seventeen year old. Well if you...
  • war
  • queen
  • teen-fiction
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Crying in pleasure by fanrosy
Crying in pleasureby Skinnylove22
They say crying helps our bodies healing. But no one has ever proven what people say. Crying can be helpful and heal scars, but a Queen is never supposed to cry. I was t...
  • lovestory
  • mates
  • battles
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Army Girl is a Demigod??? by CearraRH
Army Girl is a Demigod???by Cearra Hill
Ash is an 18 year old girl, who was just given an honorable discharge. She decides to go to NYU and get a degree. But that all changes when she gets attacked by Madusa...
  • annabethchase
  • demigods
  • prophecies
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Once Upon A Time by DarkePhysik
Once Upon A Timeby Esther
An unusual princess, lives an unusual life...
  • princess
  • kingdom
  • royalty
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Warriors || Ivypool's Heart by -hawkwing
Warriors || Ivypool's Heartby Bucky (Candy)
-- Ivypool X Blossomfall -- Ivypool was never sure exactly which cat her heart truly layed with. She thought Foxleap was the cat for her, turns out he wasn't. But, a...
  • clans
  • ivyblossom
  • omens
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The Funeral Island by cielshouse
The Funeral Islandby Christina Y.
It wasn't supposed to be like this, unable to call for help, stranded on an island with a psychotic god running around it, forced to uncover the gruesome past and find a...
  • help
  • hades
  • osiris
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