Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | SLOW UPDATES by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | Ahgase
"He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Because of his crebrous sins, he's bound to live alo...
  • lies
  • dark
  • romance
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Vlad The Impaler by sassyroe
Vlad The Impalerby DarknessCravesMe
Count Dracula wakes up after 2000 years and the only thing he wants, desires and yearns for is to find her and make her his ;the woman he had been promised through years...
  • witches
  • dark
  • torture
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The Hooded Dragon Rider by Spirit_Bear
The Hooded Dragon Riderby Spirit_Bear
A girl found by a lava pit learns to live with dragons will the leader accept her will she live through it all? Will anyone trust her? She may even encounter humans she...
  • prophecies
  • action
  • dragons
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A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure One Book I by stpolishook
A Dangerous Destiny: The Pure Stacey L. Polishook
A struggling king, the rebel leader who would see him defeated, and a woman with the ability to sway the tide of history. These three storylines come together in an epic...
  • prophecies
  • thinkfiction
  • fae
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The Prophesied Mates by Hollow_Mist
The Prophesied Matesby Hollow Mist
Isabella was a wolf who shifted at the age of three. With human parents, she was an extraordinary wolf. That was, until her mother turned out to be the mate of an Alpha...
  • packs
  • sequel
  • mother
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Warrior Cats Help by Pure_Awesomness83
Warrior Cats Helpby Megan
This book has unique pelt colors and traits, names for Clans and cats of all sorts, plenty of plots, how to do ceremonies, creating camps, a list of prey and all of the...
  • pelts
  • deaths
  • ask-for-anything
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Warriors || Ivypool's Heart by -hawkwing
Warriors || Ivypool's Heartby Malcolm (Candy)
-- Ivypool X Blossomfall -- Ivypool was never sure exactly which cat her heart truly layed with. She thought Foxleap was the cat for her, turns out he wasn't. But, a...
  • cats
  • prophecies
  • clans
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Rʌvɘŋs ʌŋɗ Fʀost (TMNT) by TMNT_2012_
Rʌvɘŋs ʌŋɗ Fʀost (TMNT)by Sɩɭvɘʀstoʀɱ
(Ongoing) (Book 2 of the Winged Warrior series) I stared out across the horizon, watching the moon as it's gentle light seeped across the night sky. I closed my baby blu...
  • tmntfanfic
  • ninjaturtles
  • tmntoneshot
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The Zombie Prophecies by sigrist
The Zombie Propheciesby Adam Sigrist
This is a collection of the three novels that make up The Zombie Prophecies series. Book 1: First Light (Complete!) Book 2: Crusade (Complete!) Book 3: Rebirth (Complete...
  • dystopian
  • action
  • horror
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Warriors: Into The Wild by Queen-Bloodshed
Warriors: Into The Wildby Iri-Chan (Iridescent)
Rusty is a young curious kittypet . He and his friend Ethena look out into the forest everyday wondering and pondering if they should take a step into the mysterious fo...
  • warriors
  • cats
  • fireheart
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Choose Your Own Adventure; Warriors by Wikidclown
Choose Your Own Adventure; Warriorsby Wikidclown
This is my first Choose Your Own Adventure Book! In this installment, you will be taking the place of Rusty/ Firepaw from the main series. You will make your own choices...
  • warriors
  • prophecies
  • warriorcats
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Percy Jackson: grandson of Kronos and also Voldermort, yay by XXbluecakeXX
Percy Jackson: grandson of XXbluecakeXX
Percy finds out that his grandfather is Kronos! And voldermort! Yay, best grandfathers ever Note: disclaimer: I am not Rick Riordan or J.K Rowling and I do not own any o...
  • granger
  • voldermort
  • prophecies
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Shadowy Dream by SiriuslyPawsome
Shadowy Dreamby Crazy Dog Girl
Prophecies, darkness, war, dragons, stones.... Dragon Keeper... Darkness, light, all twisting together at the worst moments, blinding, merging, never revealing. No one...
  • dragons
  • prophecies
Fคrēຟēll~ by Blood_of_space_
Fคrēຟēll~by 🌙คliēຖ🌙
To the mythical community; I will still be on, I just can't say anything. Good luck to you all that truly deserve it. To those who were lied to here, due to the hologram...
  • realms
  • alien
  • leaving
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Warriors Fanfiction by Sies793
Warriors Fanfictionby Sierra
This book is a Warriors fanfiction. I made up random characters and Clans. Get ready to read some: Love, Danger, Action. Hope you Like It!
  • danger
  • cheetahpaw
  • thrill
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Hope For Midnight by thatgoldenchain
Hope For Midnightby Georgia Napier
Thea McAdams is her entire schools class clown. She's not afraid to get her hands a little dirty, piss off all the teachers or sensor the potty mouth she's obtained fro...
  • assassins
  • mate
  • gold
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Warriors: Rising Salvation: A New Generation by MintyPad
Warriors: Rising Salvation: A MintyWattpad
Salvationkit has always wanted to be the best SkyClan warrior ever. As she goes though apprenticeship and becomes a warrior, her life takes another turn. The clan deputy...
  • leaders
  • deputies
  • fantasy
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Warrior Cats: Brothers Of Curse by AnimeJungletail22203
Warrior Cats: Brothers Of Curseby Animefairytail22203
A prophecy given to the new medicine cat apprentice, Twistedfoot, who was once Twistedpaw a broken apprentice, is cursed with a prophecy of the death of the forest. Afte...
  • halfbrothers
  • twobrothers
  • curse
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Army Girl is a Demigod??? by CearraRH
Army Girl is a Demigod???by Cearra Hill
Ash is an 18 year old girl, who was just given an honorable discharge. She decides to go to NYU and get a degree. But that all changes when she gets attacked by Madusa...
  • percyjackson
  • annabethchase
  • demigods
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The Mark of Aether by Tima_R
The Mark of Aetherby Tima_R
Wattys longlist 2018 A wattpad featured story! Highest rank #3 1st-list winner in the Aspiring Author Awards! A winner in the eminence awards! A winner in The Best Book...
  • diamonds
  • adventure
  • mages
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