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One At A Time [Sebastian Smythe] [editing] by Rey_Frost462
One At A Time [Sebastian Smythe] [ Reyna Frost
You know it's funny how one little interaction can change you. At least that happened to me. See, my twin brother is a legend at Dalton Academy. A Warbler, and one of t...
The Yin-Yang Complex by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The Yin-Yang Complexby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
Barry and Sebastian are twins? Disclaimer: The Flash and it's characters belong to the CW. Glee and it's characters belong to fox network.
Ready To Run (FLASH/ARROW/GLEE) by GoShootMeDead
Flash/Glee Crossover + Arrow A Barry is Sebastian fic Barry Allen thought he had left his past, as Sebastian Smythe, behind. But, as usual, when he least expects it, hi...
Sebastian and Rachel One Shots (Smytheberry) by alex_Corney96
Sebastian and Rachel One Shots ( Alex
If you love Glee like I do, and love Sebastian and Rachel together, here is a oneshot book about them, for you. Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, otherwise Rachel and Sebast...
Unbelievable {Sebastian Smythe Fan Ficition} by hiemmalia
Unbelievable {Sebastian Smythe Lia
Emily Becker is your typical upper east sider from New York. But when she moves to Westerville, Ohio to attend school at Dalton Academy, which is a boarding school for b...
Glad You Came by TeenIdle2113
Glad You Cameby :)
Barry Allen is very good at singing. How? He was in a Glee Club. Oliver catches him singing and finds out.
Broken | Glee▪Flash by TeganLynn
Broken | Glee▪Flashby ᴛᴇɢᴀɴ ʟ.
Sebastian Smythe and Barry Allen are twins, and neither have gotten along since before their mother's murder. When the Warbler and New Direction's reunion is set in Cent...
The Universe Hates Me by Emily_Tams
The Universe Hates Meby Procrastinating Everything
Barry Allen watched his mother die. A year he is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. In high school he moves away but cannot remember what he did while in Oh...
Flash Who? by Warkittin22
Flash Who?by Kat
Barry Allen wakes up from his Coma to find that life has changed completely. His friends have come back to see him people have new relationships, he still has his job. B...
She's My Girlfriend by justaquirkyfangirl1
She's My Girlfriendby 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝 ♥
Sebastian Smythe x Reader "What are you doing?!" "We knew you guys were up to no good!" "What are you talking about, she's my girlfriend!"...
• Smooth Criminal • Sebastian Smythe-BOOK ONE✔ by ItsKrlyyy
• Smooth Criminal • Sebastian kay
Marina Fowler wasn't expecting to be granted an offer from Willaim McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. Not since Marina was only seventeen, just graduating her high scho...
His Alice, Her Sebastian by SkyWriter97
His Alice, Her Sebastianby SkyWriter97
(A Glee Fanfiction)There was a light in his hazel eyes they had never seen before, and a smile full of an emotion both knew but didn't expect to see. Kurt and Blaine ru...
Told You They'd Freak by TheSecondSnacc
Told You They'd Freakby Bruh
A series of short stories about Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe being twins. Some stories in here are part of one huge story of their lives, which probably is canon by...
Bad Blood | Glee▪Flash by TeganLynn
Bad Blood | Glee▪Flashby ᴛᴇɢᴀɴ ʟ.
If you asked Barry Allen what he thought his senior year would have looked like, it definitely wouldn't have involved a glee club or being a cheerleader, and he definite...
Counterpart by Taylor950
Counterpartby clueless adrienette will fore...
Barry Allen and Sebastian Smythe are twins.
Who is Barry Allen? (Glee and Flash FF) by AlyceSeafire
Who is Barry Allen? (Glee and Alyce
Sequel to "Who is Sebastian Smythe?" Barry Allen has had a rather complicated life so far. but what happens when old high school friends and acquaintances make...
The Allen Twins (Glee and Flash FF) by AlyceSeafire
The Allen Twins (Glee and Flash FF)by Alyce
Sebastian and Barry Allen are the twin sons of Henry and Nora Allen. After the incident, they were separated. Barry going the the Wests while Sebastian went to his godfa...
The Consequence Of Selfishness by ThatPotatoWhoWrites
The Consequence Of Selfishnessby ThatPotatoWhoWrites
Barry gets a letter from Dalton academy, and it doesn't have good news.
When The Past Catches Up (Flash×Glee) by CharmaineMeyer2
When The Past Catches Up (Flash× Leah
Barry Allen is not who you think he is. People would describe him as adorable,awkward,kind even. I mean,He is the Flash afterall. His family and friends thinks that the...
Finding out the truth by EvergreenFox1818
Finding out the truthby EvergreenFox
What happens when teams Flash and Supergirl Find out about the secret lives Kara and Barry had in high school. Plus, what happened when the Warblers and the New Directio...