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I Just Wanted To Feel Something  [brittana] by wxmhs7
I Just Wanted To Feel Something [ gay
Brittany has always been a happy child, her whole life she was laughing and smiling and dancing. Some of her earliest memories are of adults, teachers mostly. Calling h...
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A Love Like Infinity by it_always_rains_
A Love Like Infinityby Meagan
Santana and Brittany have been friends for all their lives. As they got older Santana pushed away her feelings because those feelings weren't normal things that best fri...
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Love Sucks by CarinaRose14
Love Sucksby Carina Rose
Brittany and Santana have been secretly dating for a while. A few kids catch them kissing and their secret gets out. A few unexpected visitors bring great pain and joy i...
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Glee (group chat fan fic) by ME2408
Glee (group chat fan fic)by ME2408
Mostly a texting story. Brittana, finchel, brartie
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Brittana Love Story  by issi_write
Brittana Love Story by issi_write
Santana is the popular head cheerleader and Brittany is the quarterback of the football team. Santana and Brittany are enemies but no one really knows why they hate each...
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The Girl Next Door by unholymo
The Girl Next Doorby unholymo
*Complete* Santana's Junior year gets more exciting when the new girl moves in next door. Brittana story with a side of Faberry towards the end. Highest rankings: #1 B...
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Hidden love  by Urmum24474759494927
Hidden love by drinksomewaterkids
Brittany moves to New York City with her friend Quinn after a rough breakup between Brittany and her ex Giselle. What will happen after Brittany has an unexpected run in...
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Brittana -the beginning by bluebicorns
Brittana -the beginningby bluebicorns
Have you ever wondered how Brittany and Santana met ? How they felt in love ? Their ups and downs, all fights, love confessions and self discover ? From besties to lover...
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Brittana and Heya Collection by king03nai
Brittana and Heya Collectionby king03nai
A bunch of fluff and smut and canon brittana! One shots
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Heya with love  by AvaElizabeth281
Heya with love by AvaElizabeth281
Hi guys so I'm writing this based of off heya meme I see in the internet and or my Instagram Page @glee.fan_2020 🤣 enjoy
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When the Sun Comes Up by SeeItToBelieveIt
When the Sun Comes Upby SeeItToBelieveIt
When the going gets tough, the tough gets gay.
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The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughter by not-so-valkyrie
The DJ and The Rich Man's Daughterby not-so-valkyrie
Both from two different lifestyle and past history but together they have their own optimism in life. Just read and find out how these two meet and what will happen next...
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The Unholy Alliance (glee) by ellienerd14
The Unholy Alliance (glee)by Ellie :)
A fic for international woman's day 2016. The Loner: Brittany S. Pierce a journalist who's on the outside of the McKinley social circle. The Badass: Santana Lopez a toug...
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Starting Over by it_always_rains_
Starting Overby Meagan
Brittany and Santana were best friends practically since birth. Santana and her family move when she's seven years old and Santana and Brittany are forced apart. What wi...
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When Worlds Collide (gleedale) by ObrittanaTchoniP
When Worlds Collide (gleedale)by ObrittanaTchoniP
It started when a group of friends in a glee club from Mckinley High decided to take a trip to a small town they've never heard of and bump into a group of strangers tha...
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Life In The Eyes Of Santana Lopez by AnnieTheGleek
Life In The Eyes Of Santana Lopezby EclipseAnnie
The story of The Unholy Trinity in NYC
Glee-done by haleyandthejets
Glee-doneby Jazzie Hart
Do you ever wonder what Glee would've been like if some of the episode storylines had been kept while new episodes will be made? Well this story will be what took place...
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Guilty Pleasure {Brittana Story} by wanky_doodle_dandy
Guilty Pleasure {Brittana Story}by wanky_doodle_dandy
Freshman in high school, Santana and Brittany wandered the halls. They met and automatically became best friends. Santana a cold hearted bitch had fallen hard for her ne...
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The Millionaire's Daughter by not-so-valkyrie
The Millionaire's Daughterby not-so-valkyrie
She's humble, kind, beautiful and has her own huge passion. Despite being the millionaire's daughter, she's really down-to-earth. While the other one is feisty, beauty w...
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Paradise: A Brittana Fanfic by thekid05
Paradise: A Brittana Fanficby thekid05
AU. Brittany and her family relocate to Hawaii. She meets a intriguing local girl who turns her world upside down- in the best way. Brittana/Pezberry friendship. I AM Ki...
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