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Daughter of darkness by jlove121
Daughter of darknessby jlove121
Welcome to the most Noble most ancient house of black This is the story of Cassiopia black Twin sister to Sirius black older sister to regulus black Younger sister to B...
Estranged by 77frida77
Estrangedby deadmarauderssociety
"Did I do nothing?I wasn't thanked for a single thing I did but punished for the mistakes.I never picked sides but in a way that made it worse because it meant I wa...
ETERNAL DREAM;Sirius Black  by Alice_potter_13
ETERNAL DREAM;Sirius Black by Alice_potter_13
Descansa amor mío ,que en tu sueño eternal solo estaremos tú y yo .
To Have A Home by mjenkins02
To Have A Homeby TheMauraudersMap
Sirius Black has always been on the moody side. And his friends always knew that he hated his family. But in fifth year, when he starts to have more and more outbursts...
Sirius runs away (entry to a one-shot competition) by ElizabethTS
Sirius runs away (entry to a one-s...by ElizabethTS
Sirius runs away from home
Regulus Black's Love |Year 4 FOURTH BOOK| (Jegulus) by simpforMauraders
Regulus Black's Love |Year 4 FOURT...by DumbTeenBoy
4th book in the series. Read the first 3 books first. Starts summer before Regulus' 4th year (marauders 5th year). The voice James kept hearing is now gone. Sirius runs...
The noble Black ( Regulus Black ff - fanfiction ) by JordanHill123
The noble Black ( Regulus Black ff...by Mrs. Malfoy💚
" For how long will you protect me ? I'm not yours to protect " " As long as my heart beats and their is blood in my veins, I will protect you. I may not...
Regulus Black's Love |Year 2 SECOND BOOK| (Jegulus) by simpforMauraders
Regulus Black's Love |Year 2 SECON...by DumbTeenBoy
This is the second book in the series. Year 1 is of course the first one. Starts summer before 2nd year. Walburga found out about Regulus dating James, and it does not g...
Sirius Blacks Tragedy by legacies_lover15
Sirius Blacks Tragedyby Marauders_thats.it
Marauders years at Hogwarts in Sirius's POV A lot of this isn't cannon complaint, and Reggie will not be in Slytherin. FWI this will end happily, or as happy as the mara...
Always with you! by Salazar-Slytherin_01
Always with you!by Powerful_Halfbloods_
Always with you. that was something the black brothers always made sure the other knew.
The Untold Story of: Bellatrix Lestrange (Untold Stories Book One) by HogwartsJaguar
The Untold Story of: Bellatrix Les...by HogwartsJaguar
Bellatrix Lestrange. Even just the name can strike fear into the bravest of hearts. Faithful follower of the Dark Lord; torturer of Alice and Frank Longbottom; murderer...
Forget, son | Walburga Black by Ms_Aprile
Forget, son | Walburga Blackby Ms_Aprile
ZAPOWIEDŹ Akceptacja jest jedną z podstaw macierzyństwa. Nie każda matka bezgranicznie zachwyca się swoim dzieckiem, jednak większość akceptuje odmienności swojeg...
Regulus Black by d0ntbelieve
Regulus Blackby Puck
How did Regulus become a Death Eater at such a young age? How did he find out about Voldemort's horcruxes, when no one else did? Why did he decide to sacrifice himself t...
Tales of Alula Black by padfootsgem
Tales of Alula Blackby padfootsgem
This is loosely based off of my marauders dr. Main characters name is Alula Black. She is Sirius Blacks twin sister. Takes place when the two are in their fourth year. A...
The Marauders: Year One (female) by remus_la_swearwolf
The Marauders: Year One (female)by Ex Zahrathemarauder
It's the Marauders' first year at school, and it's going to be full of madness, mayhem, and above all, magic. (Sirius Black, Jamie Potter, Remus Lupin, and Petra Pettigr...
Broken Souls, Created Bonds~Tom Riddle Love Story by Theatergurl67
Broken Souls, Created Bonds~Tom Ri...by want's them all
Two souls are meant for each other. Will love triumph, or will it die out like all the others?
Castle on the Hill by TashviArdhanari
Castle on the Hillby Tashvi
A boy and a girl, about five years old, running around in their backyard, playing tag. The same two, a year older, climbing up the treehouse that their father had built...