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Vocaloid/Puroseka Oneshots by Fushuwu
Vocaloid/Puroseka Oneshotsby WHORE I AM A WHORE FOR KAITO
A collection of Oneshots, headcanons and drabbles for Project Sekai/Colourful Stage and Vocaloid! Enjoy! edit: At this point it's a Kaito collection.
Spectrum of Yellows: Vocaloid Fanfiction (Pairings in desc.) by LENtranced
Spectrum of Yellows: Vocaloid Fanf...by Mel
Contains Len x Rin, Kaito x Miku, Gumi x Yuma, Gakupo x Luka. Len's been in class with her for almost a year now. So why does he notice her towards the end of the scho...
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• by lovelyenanan
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Re...by Star
•~Night Classes-Ena Shinonome x Reader~• You have been friends with Ena since childhood. You met through Akito, Ena's younger brother, and went from there. You and Ena...
A Ghost and pals story by Wallace5000
A Ghost and pals storyby I_Exist_Yay
Just a dumb story involving the ghost and pals characters
Len Kagamine X Reader (An Unexpected Crush) Fanfic [COMPLETED] by ExternalYouth
Len Kagamine X Reader (An Unexpect...by ExternalYouth
Kagamine Len has never fallen in love or caught interest with any other girls, that is... Until you walked in and stole his heart. I DO NOT own Len kagamine, or vocaloid...
Exclusively Yours (Gakupo x Kaito) by miss_yc
Exclusively Yours (Gakupo x Kaito)by ƒυмíí
Warning! YAOI ALERT!!! If you're not into this, just get out of this story ASAP!!! [Experiment] Kamui Gakupo met a pale and timid blue-haired guy named Shion Kaito who'...
Vocaloid Tales: The Nutcracker by Rebochan
Vocaloid Tales: The Nutcrackerby Rebochan
It's Christmas morning, 1816, and 16-year-old Hatsune Miku is eager to see what sort of presents her godfather Gakupo the clockwork toymaker and inventor has brought her...
Connect by LENtranced
Connectby Mel
Gumi Megpoid has never fallen in love. She has never felt her heart racing at the sight of anyone, and when her friends all fawn over the school's most attractive boy, s...
Gakukai oneshots by thellamaonline
Gakukai oneshotsby the llama online
Just a bunch of oneshots for my favourite vocaloid ship (kaito x Gakupo). Will be updated every Thursday.
VFlower gang by CherryWine_19
VFlower gangby CherryWine
Gang of VFlower enjoyers, cover is not mine Might become a fanfic if I'm bored enough It became a fanfic
Vocaloid Tales: The Summer and Winter Garden by Rebochan
Vocaloid Tales: The Summer and Win...by Rebochan
Set in a fantasy world inspired by Renaissance Europe, Miku Hatsune is the only daughter of a merchant. Growing up in a small village, she's always been scared of tales...
The adventures of the monochrome gang by Wallace5000
The adventures of the monochrome g...by I_Exist_Yay
The monochrome gang of Flower, Chris, Maika, and *occasionally* Norman.
Behind The Scenes (VFlower X Fem! Reader) by IcedBread
Behind The Scenes (VFlower X Fem...by vflower <3
(Mostly a bunch of silly little drabbles, but there will still be a smidge of plot! And also don't question how the Voc live in the real world while simultaneously havin...
 Memesquad X Genshin Impact  by ImpactBoom
Memesquad X Genshin Impact by ImpactBoom
This story about The Memesquad (Vocaloid) who got into Teyvat by accidentally enter the game and got seperate. Our Protagonist, Lenny or know as Kagamine Len, now search...
Len Kagamine x Reader (Oneshots) by Ashlen_Kagamine
Len Kagamine x Reader (Oneshots)by i n a c t i v e
♥Len Kagamine x Reader♥ (ONESHOTS!) ---->This book contains oneshots of different genres and concept. Wherein Len Kagamine and Reader will be the main protagonists th...
Len X Kaito by KiiTheDragon
Len X Kaitoby KiiTheDragon
Too lazy to write a description. Just read it. ~YAOI WARNING~
Living With Fukase by cacc1flower
Living With Fukaseby cacc
It's me Len! Recently I have been going through some stuff and have been having some problems with the other Vocaloids, so I've decided to live with Fukase and his roomm...
How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olikase Fanfiction  by LockedAwayLove
How to Fall for Mr. Popular • Olik...by LockedAwayLove
• Classic tale in which Nerd meets Popular • Oliver spends his days with his best friend Piko and fellow members of the Game Club. The day has come where his world gets...
Reach Out Your Hand, Beyond That Is. (Nightcord At 25:00 fanfic) by reeoofment
Reach Out Your Hand, Beyond That I...by islaforever
After the JP Project Sekai's latest Mafuyu focus event story "Saying Goodbye to the Masked Me" finished.. I still had some unfinished thoughts and an inspirati...
MeiLuka Mayhem || VOCALOID by lingstwin
MeiLuka Mayhem || VOCALOIDby lingstwin
I need more Meiluka on this app Uhh this is how I see Meiko and Luka's personalities, and the other vocaloids so if you disagree im ok with that also theres going to be...