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My "Head Over Heels" Lover (Gakupo x Kaito) Book 1 by miss_yc
My "Head Over Heels" Lover ( ƒυмíí
Warning! YAOI ALERT!!! If you're not into this, just get out of this story ASAP!!! > x <!! Since then, Kaito Shion is deeply inlove (head over heels as he proclaim...
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  • headoverheelslover
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Vocaloid One-Shots (Requests Open) by NamidaRui
Vocaloid One-Shots (Requests Open)by るいくん
Vocaloid one shots of Kaito, Gakupo, Rin, Len, Yuuma, Luka, Miku, Gumi, Gumiya, Lenka, Rinto, Mikuo, Meiko, Meito. etc. Comment any others you want me to do. I'll be d...
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Giving this a rest to write for other fandoms to hopefully pull me out of this writing funk I've been in for over a year I'm basically selling my soul for you guys. All...
  • akaito
  • luka
  • gakupo
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"Nemesis or Love Rivals"(Len x Rin) by RandomArt02z
"Nemesis or Love Rivals"(Len x Rin)by VanillaDulce🥀
[EDITED] "Love or hate? That's for everyone to debate." ~I do not own Vocaloid~ Please enjoy this story of rivals or must I say....... love rivals? Highest...
  • miku
  • vocaloid
  • rinxlen
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Once More (Kagamine Len x Reader!) by Alive_in_lalaland
Once More (Kagamine Len x Reader!)by Renchii~
The story revolves around a girl named Y/n who had a crush on Kagamine Len. They were childhood friends and they didn't care if being childhood friends was embarrassing...
  • gakupoxluka
  • rinkagamine
  • fanfiction
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Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Vocaloid Boyfriend Scenariosby Honeywhip
❥ Boyfriend scenarios with all your favorite Vocaloid boys. Requests welcome!
  • kaito
  • preferences
  • oliver
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Vocaloid Lyrics- English by PikamelDeviantart
Vocaloid Lyrics- Englishby Melody/Mel
{Ranked #1 in Lyrics!} **Updating whenever I remember!** Vocaloid lyrics in English that I happen to be a fan of. No translation is mine and the people who did transla...
  • hatsunemiku
  • lyrics
  • kagaminerin
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Kaito x Reader One Shots: Blue Love   by _AlmightyDab_
Kaito x Reader One Shots: Blue _AlmightyDab_
These are just one shots of you and Kaito. In some of them you guys are going to be a happy couple, others not so much. I hope you enjoy these hopefully lovely one shot...
  • iloveyouall
  • kaitoxreader
  • gumi
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Kaito x Reader || Enchanting Vocals by Saven_The_Dragon
Kaito x Reader || Enchanting Vocalsby Saven The Dragon
(Y/n) was just an average girl with her exciting friends in highschool-- I mean, college now. Her friends had to leave home to Japan to go to a singing college. Turns ou...
  • meiko
  • anime
  • vocaloid
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Peter Pan! Len X Captain Hook! Kaito by YEAGER__BOMBASTIC
Peter Pan! Len X Captain Hook! Nerdy Oniichan
Based on the Vocaloid song Portrait of the Pirate F, I bring you a story full of adventure, flying boys and yaoi. Young Kagamine Len hates his life and he never wants t...
  • meiko
  • kagamine
  • peterpan
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Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI by jnobeza
Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AIby Cassie ♡
The world is weakening due to the Divine Punishment that took place years ago, and the people are fearing the worst of destruction from God. But a prophecy claims that o...
  • gumi
  • vocaloid
  • kaito
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Akaito x Kaito [My Dear Idol] by Rei-ero
Akaito x Kaito [My Dear Idol]by Kaitoloverforlife!
[10/24/17]-date created. Akaito x Kaito (fanfic with long plot?)-maybe *Smut warning Kaito has always adored the famous idol Akaito Shion and dreamt of the day he could...
  • idols
  • fanfiction
  • funny
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The Many Ways We Fall In Love by MellonWrites
The Many Ways We Fall In Loveby Michael
Mainly RinxLen one shots that I write either inspired by boredom or a picture which I would include. I already know some one shots will include the following -MikuxKaito...
  • yuuma
  • gumixyuuma
  • rinxlen
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Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus and Fanloids! by MellonWrites
Ask or Dare the Vocaloids, Utaus Michael
Welcome one and all! Ask your questions! Send some dares! Respect their personal boundaries or Mayu will get you! All Vocaloids, Utaus/Vipperloids, and Fanloids are open...
  • gumi
  • fanloid
  • vocaloidfanfiction
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30 Day Vocaloid Challenge by sneakthedawn
30 Day Vocaloid Challengeby Holly
An 18 year old American answers questions about artificial voices :)) cover photo not mine basically nothing is mine besides my opinions and the list :)
  • sf-a2miki
  • gakupo
  • dex
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Izzy's Stupid Incorrect Vocaloid Quotes Book by Izzy-the-Bizzy
Izzy's Stupid Incorrect Vocaloid Izzy-the-Bizzy
I needed to meme.
  • luka
  • rana
  • fukase
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Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid fanfic ) ( Gakupo Kamui X Luka Megurine ) by Aaruna_Burin09
Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid Aaruna⭐️Burin
This is a story of a 16 year old student named Luka Megurine. She isn't your standard female heroine, she isn't girly or ladylike instead she is described as a delinquen...
  • lukamegurinexgakupokamui
  • gakupo
  • kawaii
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Vocaloid Guys x Reader <3 by TheKproxy
Vocaloid Guys x Reader <3by TheKproxy
For you Vocaloid fangirls like me <3 ~KP
  • kaito
  • pov
  • gakupo
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Boy Vocaloid Oneshots by sneakthedawn
Boy Vocaloid Oneshotsby Holly
Guess what bois?!? It's an 18 year old American writing vocaloid imagines!! Also, they are ~GENDER NEUTRAL~ that means you can read this no matter your gender. :) And y...
  • cybersongman
  • vocaloidchris
  • vocaloidkyo
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Vocaloid Profiles by Celestial_Whatever
Vocaloid Profilesby VocaLover
The profiles of the various Vocaloids based on my head-cannons.
  • hatsune
  • gakupo
  • kagamine
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