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DECEPTION - JJK/PJM FF (Completed) by beannssluv
DECEPTION - JJK/PJM FF (Completed)by beannssluv
Mirror shows what stands before it but... It is not always true Remember not everything you see and feel is the TRUTH ----------------- He looked at her in the eye but...
[VIXX Neo] The Stranger by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] The Strangerby babyliciousdelirium
What happens if the stranger who broke in your house became your bodyguard? And as the problem gets closer to getting fixed, our Cha Hakyeon develops feelings for the st...
[VIXX Neo] Butterflies by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] Butterfliesby babyliciousdelirium
A cold businessman known as Leo. But is he really cold? A warm teacher known as N. Why is he so warm? With a common interest, a friendship forms and flowers bloom. Butte...
SEX DOLL by kottongeom
SEX DOLLby Ssogn
Fanfiction | VIXX Leo | NC21 Author: ssogn Cast: - Leo Jung (22 tahun) - Song Sihyun (21 tahun) - Jessica Jung (Leo's noona, Krystal's eonni, Kris Wu's wife) (27tahun) ...
My Master | Leo  by luvlizy78
My Master | Leo by silary
✿°•. му мαѕтєя | ℓєσ .•°✿ - ✿ When Yoo Sa Nie (Sannie)'s mother happens through a car accident and is stuck in the hospital in a coma, she is forced to quit college a...
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Reader | VIXX Fanfic | COMPLETED by cheonsa_k
Bad Influence | Leo (VIXX) X Lee Cheonsa
16+ : Trigger warning- Story discusses eating disorders, depression, rape, etc. "High school isn't exactly what I expected. I just hope I get through it." Y/N...
Let's Rewrite The Stars by miru_70
Let's Rewrite The Starsby Ruby
Kim Wonshik is a wealthy 16 year old, grown isolated from the life of the poor. Curious about the life of those less fortunate he ignores his parent's warning and search...
Unfair Games by ChainedUpToVIXX
Unfair Gamesby ChainedUpToVIXX
Both love you, but will you let the right one in?
Spicy Ramen by Beautiful_Killer99
Spicy Ramenby Maxina Ptak
You decide to eat the spiciest ramen you can buy. Leo tells you not to, but you don't listen.
my nerdy boy by hyuklovesaranghae
my nerdy boyby hyuklovesaranghae
A girl who fell in love with the nerd (Vixx hyuk fanfiction)
So Close, Yet So Far by dont_tell_leo
So Close, Yet So Farby dont_tell_leo
I could feel his eyes burning into mine, but I didn't dare check to see if I was right. Well, first off because I knew that once I gave in, I would instantly be sucked i...
"You're so quiet, but you moan loudly, right?" Taekwoon and Hakyeon's 'friendship' blossoms after messaging everyday on Snapchat.
Voodoo Doll [VIXX N FANFIC] by hihelloyesyesyow
Voodoo Doll [VIXX N FANFIC]by HEY WOULD YOU!????
"They say no matter what you are or who you are, you have the right to love or to be love" [TAP READ FOR MORE]
Desperate (Chained up Series Book 4 ) by JarviaKlipka0395
Desperate (Chained up Series Jarvia Klipka
Dr. Kim Hava is no ordinary Doctor. Actually her whole existing is not ordinary. She is in fact a Fallen Angel from Heaven above sent to earth when she was a baby. One d...
Voodoo (NEO VIXX) by sksksk1010
Voodoo (NEO VIXX)by sksksk1010
Leo and N were a couple not celebrities just husband and husband living happily together. Until one day when they were coming back from a date a van had pulled up and sh...
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hierarchy  by ofeden
hierarchy by garden
"In fact, observing the spirit of egotism which incessantly divides mankind, the ambitious man fomented it with dexterity - flattered the vanity of one, excited the...
Noir by spacehyung
Noirby mar
Detective Jung Taekwoon has a potential stalker case on his hands, and as much as he doesn't want to admit it, his client is pulling him in more and more every moment th...
Love(Kenvixx X Reader)  by soohyunsshi0101
Love(Kenvixx X Reader) by Soohara
"I thought, love is just about sweet, and romantic things, I thought, you were just for me and no one can take you from me, but my thoughts were wrong. And now, I j...
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