VIXX Imagines by ChloeCookie165
VIXX Imaginesby ChloeCookie165
Cute,fluffy, and sometimes angsty oneshots, short imagines,text conversations and fanfictions between you and VIXX. Feel free to leave any constructive criticism and I'l...
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Vixx chatroom by l00-05-18l
Vixx chatroomby Just me
Vixx chatroom! I've read a couple of these type of stories and enjoyed reading them, so I decided to make my own..but Vixx version, and of course it'll be totally weird...
  • vixxkpop
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  • leo
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K-Pop Fanfiction 🔞 by LayMeOnAYugeKookie
K-Pop Fanfiction 🔞by LayMeOnAYugeKookie
A compilation of idol x reader stories (both smutty and/or fluffy)
  • jaehyun
  • got7
  • yongguk
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Marrying You(VIXX Hongbin) by Mayseob
Marrying You(VIXX Hongbin)by Mayseob
Lina was told by her grandmother to come live in seoul with her potential fiancé. She doesn't know what love is. How will Hongbin(VIXX) react when suddenly his dad tell...
  • ken
  • leo
  • vixx
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Player { Wontaek } by Yon_Bun
Player { Wontaek }by Yon_Bun
Ravi, a player, has his target set on Leo, a famous heartbreaker 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 This fanfic will include a lot of sexual scenes, not only from Wontaek, but also some...
  • leo
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Vixx imagines by smallbeanme
Vixx imaginesby A.R.N
Just a whole bunch of imagines of each member. REQUEST ARE CLOSED {Started 5th April 2017}
  • vixx
  • hyuk
  • hakyeon
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Do You Love Me? [Leo X Reader] by VIXX_UKISS
Do You Love Me? [Leo X Reader]by Johnny's Wifeu
You X Leo Fanfiction Detailed story about your love story between you and vixx's talented, handsome and amazing Leo. READ ❤❤ (♡˙︶˙♡) [Sorry if you cringe at all]
  • vixxschool
  • youxleo
  • leosmut
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Ace Of Hearts        [wontaek] by daisy-ruby
Ace Of Hearts [wontaek]by StarLight
Ravi and Leo are two different people who live in completely different worlds. Ravi a ruthless Gang Boss who's past was torn apart by his enemy Park Hae Jin And, Leo an...
  • leo
  • lévi
  • fanfiction
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Beautiful (A LeoBin FanFic) /Book One/ by kpopamethyst
Beautiful (A LeoBin FanFic) /Book...by Jazi~
"The number of shirtless men in this room was not good for my health." (Lee Hongbin, Chapter: Morning) Jung Taekwoon is a model, who spends a majority of his t...
  • ship
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Kpop Imagines by byuniini
Kpop Imaginesby .
kpop imagines || let your imagination go wild|| types of genres : - fluff , angst , au , scenarios , reactions started : 16 April 2017 ended : TB...
  • straykids
  • nct
  • yanan
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Jekyll and Hyde (VIXX Hongbin) by hongbean_
Jekyll and Hyde (VIXX Hongbin)by ❤️Lee Hongbin❤️
Good and Evil. Angels and Demons. Six Hybrids were all sent down to Earth to be kept away from their homes. Why? Because nobody would love or accept them because they a...
  • hongbin
  • leo
  • ken
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Break Me by Yon_Bun
Break Meby Yon_Bun
Leo and Hyuk were surrounded by two police men, if they didn't think quick they would be trapped Leo didn't want Hyuk to go to jail, so he took his decision distract pol...
  • vixx
  • leo
  • vixxn
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Be Mine? || Lee Taemin ✔ by aichan26
Be Mine? || Lee Taemin ✔by 니나
HaByul, a girl with special ability, she can read others mind when the person near her without even looking at the person. She know it's wrong but what can she do about...
  • shineefanfic
  • leetaemin
  • bemine
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Boys over flowers: the international student by Fran_Joon
Boys over flowers: the internation...by Fran_Joon
shin hwa Academy starts its new international program opening it's doors to geniuses and daughter of the rich from all over. With only 5 slots all students must have stu...
  • boys
  • lee
  • joo
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little bastard  by PrinceMak
little bastard by  
"you little bastard." "i guess i am." ___________________ lowercase intended © PrinceMak
  • hyuk
  • krb
  • deantrbl
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You Are My Star-A VIXX LeoBin FF by purplepoesy12
You Are My Star-A VIXX LeoBin FFby Purple Poesy
A series of LeoBin Imagines. Loose Plot. Fluff and occasionally smut loaded content. Enjoy.
  • hongbin
  • ravi
  • vixx
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(LeoN/NEO) The World of Us by darkskyez
(LeoN/NEO) The World of Usby darkSkyeZ
Jung Taekwoon. He has always heard stories about the human world from his 'lifelong friend' that lived on the other side of the door that separated the two. He lea...
  • fantasy
  • ken
  • wonshik
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Together? by stArlight_1993
Together?by v i x x
When new couples in VIXX happen, other members become furious... (You know what? Just read the story...✌❤️)
  • sanghyuk
  • hyukbin
  • ken
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his shield by vixxsatan
his shieldby hyuk
RAKEN FANFICTION there are those who must be protected. there are those who train to protect. "so your my guardian angel?" "no, i'm your shield." {s...
  • wonshik
  • hakyeon
  • jaehwan
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50. La caída de Leo (30) by dayanstyle
50. La caída de Leo (30)by dayanstyle
Continuación de 49. Toma mi mano (29). Serie Manada Kim Leo es un oso confundido. Es callado, taciturno y distante. Ni siquiera es travieso como sus seis hermanos menore...
  • hyuk
  • vixx
  • kpop
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