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COMPLICATED by Haru_sakuchan
COMPLICATEDby Haru_sakuchan
Ryeowook thought his life was perfect. He has a nice father, a loving mother and a hyung he can count on. But life has full of surprises, we don't know what life could w...
Haunted | VIXX + Dreamcatcher by Kurai_Sen
Haunted | VIXX + Dreamcatcherby Kurai_Sen
A dare by her friends leads her to spend the night in a haunted graveyard, where she meets a mysterious boy who keeps her company throughout the lonely night. Subsequent...
[VIXX ALLN] One Shot Series by darkskyez
[VIXX ALLN] One Shot Seriesby darkSkyeZ
After many requests, I've decided to post my oneshots of every Hakyeon/N pairings here on Wattpad as well. They're all written randomly, there's no specific theme except...
Let's Rewrite The Stars by miru_70
Let's Rewrite The Starsby Ruby
Kim Wonshik is a wealthy 16 year old, grown isolated from the life of the poor. Curious about the life of those less fortunate he ignores his parent's warning and search...
Appa Leo a "Vixx fanfic" (Completed) by Kpopbaby91
Appa Leo a "Vixx fanfic" ( L
At a young age Leo became a father to a precious little girl. Her name was Yuki and he was her Appa. Though she was not his he loved her with every fiber of his being. ...
Always Together (VIXX N) by anastasiawan
Always Together (VIXX N)by Anastasia Wan
Anya. An actress from Australia who achived many awards and prizes got a call from a company in South Korea. Jellyfish Entertainment was the company's name. She really...
The Sister Swap™ (N/Cha HakYeon VIXX Fanfic) by mikoteows
The Sister Swap™ (N/Cha HakYeon maria🦋
So there are two twins. Living very different lives. One is popular the other is an outcast. One fine day the outcast gets to live as the popular one. What Will She Do...
Always Forever (VIXX N) by anastasiawan
Always Forever (VIXX N)by Anastasia Wan
The second book of the 'Always Together' story. Anya and N is going well with their love life. But, when N propose to Anya, strange things started to occur. N was seen w...
VIXX Imagines by bangtanbeach
VIXX Imaginesby °•lizard•°
Scenarios with your favorite VIXX member. Requests are open.
[VIXX Neo] The Stranger by babyliciousdelirium
[VIXX Neo] The Strangerby babyliciousdelirium
What happens if the stranger who broke in your house became your bodyguard? And as the problem gets closer to getting fixed, our Cha Hakyeon develops feelings for the st...
VOODOO by miraeeseo
VOODOOby Baby Starlight
People say you should live life to the fullest. You might want to follow their advice. Because who knows what's gonna happen next.
Nothing to Hyde (VIXX) [COMPLETED] by a-random-dunedain
Nothing to Hyde (VIXX) [COMPLETED]by a-random-dunedain
Everyone is blind to something. Ken. Hongbin. Hyuk. N. Ravi. Leo. Six men become entangled in a web of lies and crimes, all because they willfully deny a truth about th...
WWYD | VIXX  (Complete) by MissRael
WWYD | VIXX (Complete)by Honeychips
Wwyd if you get to meet Vixx? Will you act.. Over excited like N? Shy like Leo? Cute like Ken? Awkward like Ravi? Sassy like Hongbin? Or you only act normal like Hyuk? J...
VIXX||Wrong Room! by IleoverdoseI
VIXX||Wrong Room!by IleoverdoseI
"I-I'm sorry. I must've got mixed up with my calculations." I bowed to him respectfully. "What is the room number that you're planning to go to?" he...
(LeoN/NEO) Dream.scape by darkskyez
(LeoN/NEO) Dream.scapeby darkSkyeZ
Hakyeon wants to escape. Reality is tiring and he was tired of trying to accept that reality. He's tired of Taekwoon pushing him away all the time. "Why am I tryin...
Once Upon A VIXX by blushing_moonbeans
Once Upon A VIXXby eudaimonia
*strums guitar* I love you, vixx *strums guitar again* I ain't never gonna stop loving you, vixx the most random vixx shit. [ Warning: Don't read if cringey, overused...
KPOP One Shots by AlphaMaleYoongi
KPOP One Shotsby Donna A.
In every fan, there's fantasy.. IMAGINE with BTOB, BTS, AND VIXX
Taste My Heart by Gerard_Ampora
Taste My Heartby Sammy
Hakyeon didn't think he'd find the love of his life while he was searching for his lunch, but he also didn't expect to save their lives. #1 in Taekwoon 🥰
he loves me not. [chy°jtw] by Fangs_
he loves me not. [chy°jtw]by Fangs_
"...have you ever tried loving me?" "I tried, but I can't..."
Secured [Vixx Haken] by ottersun
Secured [Vixx Haken]by ottersun
Hakyeon had never been one to take relationships too seriously. Throughout his 24 years of life, he had met many people and gone out with his fair share. His carefree at...