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Father by kc1tubbol
Fatherby K.N Davis
Father has forty children, but they aren't his children. They are his prisoners. They must call him father. VIvien Love has been prisoner here for two years now and want...
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Hotel Transylvania 6: From Fame to Frame by ryanelwood02
Hotel Transylvania 6: From Fame ryanelwood02
After 100 victories, Dennis and his team are finally ready for a break from fighting bad guys. However, Steven Cling's prison sentence has finally come to an end after t...
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Hotel Transylvania 4: Enter the Ghost Trials by ryanelwood02
Hotel Transylvania 4: Enter the ryanelwood02
When Drac, Mavis, and Vlad get captured by a large stone monster named Colossus, it's up to Dennis, Johnny, Winnie and others to go to the underworld and break them out...
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Restart: A New Beginning. by fangirlshippergAY
Restart: A New Tired and Stressed
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Art book..? by hoVeRgrrl2
Art book..?by Poison Cookie Moi
Heyo Peeps! I draw a lot, so here are some Dabbles of Doodles! Most are Viv, my gravity falls OC, and others are not. In the comments section you can request drawings, b...
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About F.C.W. by Clueless_writers
About sleepyminyoongi
Fivecluelesswriters. All about us. Enjoy.
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Normal? by glxiesglore
Normal?by glxiesglore
This story is not centrally located on Tate and Violet, because I do not believe that it is the only eventful topic. The others have to live on. . . er . . . die on? I d...
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Mendacious by JustAstra
Mendaciousby Astra Santora
Her name's Vivien, but people call her Vivi. And she's the queen of deception. When she meets the love of her life, and he ends up being a cop, what will she do? ** MATU...
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Perfection: Overrated by AllTheStarsCollide
Perfection: Overratedby AllTheStarsCollide
17 year old Avery Brooks isnt just another pretty face. She is an undercover agent. She has to go disguised as one of the british royalty and find out why the Duke is be...
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HATERS BACK OFF by brycie123
HATERS BACK OFFby brycie123
People from different worlds meet and are talking about weird stuff
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Cinderella Girl by nod5687
Cinderella Girlby Noddy
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Calm Water by Aria_Blazze
Calm Waterby Love that dumbass
That one 9:41 PM fanfic
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The Book of Exodus (PDF) by Vivien Goldman by dopesiba32810
The Book of Exodus (PDF) by dopesiba32810
Read The Book of Exodus PDF by Vivien Goldman Three Rivers Press Listen to The Book of Exodus: The Making and Meaning of Bob Marley and the Wailers' Album of the Century...
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A Really Strange Dream... by Pratibha_Saxena
A Really Strange Pratibha
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More Than Meets the Eye (a Gravity Falls Fanfiction) by hoVeRgrrl2
More Than Meets the Eye (a Poison Cookie Moi
We all know of Dipper and Mabel's adventures onscreen, but what was happening off of it? THERE ARE MYSTERIES AFOOT... When Vivien Tomphson comes to Gravity Falls as...
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Talents On the Run by CrazedWriter
Talents On the Runby Marcy the Vampire
Nine talented students from a local high school travel to New York City with their Gifted Arts Teacher. Little did they know that their trip would be ruined by a patient...
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Tales of Merlin *An Esbat Short Story Collection* by ArielBloomfield
Tales of Merlin *An Esbat Short Ariel Bloomfield
For those of you that have been reading my other story Esbat. Here are the tales of Merlin and his experiences before the events in Esbat. It goes more depth into...
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Who Should I pick?  by emily_0825
Who Should I pick? by emily_0825
Vivien was just a girl going to a school when she met these cute boys... What's going to happen between them? Started~12/30/16 (My BFF Vivien and Teahyung *V* Bday) Ende...
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Revenge of the She-Punks (PDF) by Vivien Goldman by zecupady66012
Revenge of the She-Punks (PDF) zecupady66012
Read Revenge of the She-Punks PDF by Vivien Goldman University of Texas Press Listen to Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Rio...
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