Pulling My Strings  〆『Law x Reader』

Pulling My Strings 〆『Law x Reader』

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mijeog By mijeog Updated Nov 17, 2019

F/N L/N was forced to eat the devil fruit when she was younger. Her father had given it to her before selling her off.

    Surprisingly, F/N's father is a high ranked marine. But because of F/N's childhood she grew cold and distant, making her become one of the worst generation pirates.

    Living up to her expectations, F/N grew a name for herself. People from all around the grand line recognize her as Sinner with a 270 million beli bounty. 

     Trafalgar D. Law bumps into F/N while looting an island that was under attack. This is while he is in an alliance with Luffy. Penguin and Sachi convince captain to tend to her injuries. But will it lead to more than that? Read more to find out!



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